'Sekiro' Transforms the Dark Souls Formula into Something New and Risky


Can you explain that mechanic? Like give me a play by play of what happened? I got past that boss never having to engage with it.


Yeah, for sure! When he does one of his lightning attacks you jump so it hits you in the air, charging you with electricity. If you hit the attack button before you land on the ground, you take no damage and shoot the lightning back at him, dealing massive damage to his vitality and posture. If you hit the ground before you shoot it back, the circuit completes and you take all the damage.

This mechanic was turorialized for me, but that might be because I read a hanging scroll explaining it before hand.

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I saw a scroll explaining it (it’s in the room just before with the miniboss right?) but I never had a chance to try it outside the boss where I managed to just avoid it, for the most part (he probably hit me at least once in the fight where I won).

That sounds dope as fuck god dang, I hope it comes up again.


Yeah, it was incredible! I really hope it comes up again somewhere else. I wish there was a way to play boss fights I’ve already beaten. I’d love to try it again!


Seconding that horse man is easier than spooky grandma. The game gives you a hint for him in an eavesdrop conversation before hand about using a certain prosthetic tool, I didn’t find it until after I beat him but you can find it by Hugging the right wall of the big open area where you fight him and going up the stairs, then buying it off the vendor.

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I got this on Saturday and played almost non-stop until last night. It’s good! Really good! But so far I just don’t love it like a SoulsBorne game. The dragonrot mechanic is extremely stressful for me, and the combat already feels it requires a level of precision that I can just barely keep up with. I’m going to stick with it for as long as I can, but I think there’s a real chance it’s going to demand too much of me at some point.


shinobi man said fuck school


I’m so excited to hop into this, but my internship is going to be really demanding the next 2 weeks so I think I’m going to sit it out for a bit, maybe until the end of the semester. I’ve been really into Smash Bros, and it’s an easier game for me to unwind with than a soulsborne.

I think Soulsborne games are actually going to forever be summer games for me; I played BB last summer and it was such a good summer game. When I die or am stuck I don’t feel like I’m wasting time playing games when I could be studying. Right now I KNOW I would feel like that, so 6 more weeks and then I’ll be playing fast ninja game


I’m going to need to restart the game, not because I want to re-do anything with new learned skill, but because an NPC bothered me and I made the unfathomable mistake of killing them and thinking there wouldn’t be consequences. A quick look at the wiki informed me of one (1) item now unattainable.

I’m not so far that it’ll be a lot of lost time, and I haven’t done anything too difficult that I’ll regret having to do it again. Indeed, I’m at a point where I don’t know where to go because the next step in any of my possible directions is too hard. So it’ll be nice to go through the easy(ier) parts again.


Late game spoiler:
The Guardian Ape second phase got me so hard. I muddled through that fight and was so relieved when I got the kill and SHINOBI EXECUTION and was taking a cool screenshot when it got back up and we had to fight again. I literally squealed. One of my favorite moments so far.

Also I’m the best at this video game: Spoiler for an early game area, I guess. https://streamable.com/gwpqk

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I’m really wondering if that was the thing austin showed cado.


I’m pretty mixed on it personally.

I’m glad so many people are finding the boss fights are exhilirating, but I can imagine that a lot of people just won’t be able to get over that wall. I literally almost quit the game at that point. I spent 4 hours on him. It was 2am and decided to get some sleep. I woke up the next day, went and got that strength up and then tried again. Still took quite a few tries though.
A lot of what got me through was that I saw some stuff at the Senpou temple and really wanted to explore more. But if I were less excited about this game, that would have been it.


After a few more times, I beat Horse lord and he actually went down pretty easily tbh. The game threw another required mini boss at me like 5 minutes later, which was kinda irritating, because i almost think this one is harder than the actual boss, though its mostly just the arena shape i think.

EDIT: Actually it only took two more tries after i got a tip to change my mindset about the fight. You are the hunter not the hunted, great tip.


(Tried to post this last night but had some issues for some reason.)

I just got past the second Genichiro fight and wow, that’s going to be the moment where I went from “I think I really like this game” to actually, fully loving it. That entire level is pretty much perfection. It gives you a couple of rooms of swordsmen who seem pretty clearly designed for parry practice, to get you up to speed if you were skating up until that point. And then Genichiro has such a good rhythm. It was the first time I actually felt like I was in control of a fight and not just frantically blocking and dodging around.

I think this game’s level design might be the best in a From game since the first Dark Souls. It has that sprawling, branching-pathway feeling that the best parts of DS1 had, and I always feel like I have both several different options for how to approach a level and another bunch of different options for which overall level to tackle. Multiple times I’ve gotten stuck on a boss, gone to explore, and come back with a new prayer necklace or skill or something else that makes my life easier.

An unrelated thing—I’m 95% certain at this point that NPCs do not die from Dragonrot (I may of course be wrong and if someone knows otherwise please confirm). The two that people are citing as evidence that they can, the woman who gives you the bell and her son, both reportedly die no matter what you do once you finish Hirata Estate. And there are enough cure items that I feel comfortable just using them when I need to open up a character’s questline. 15-ish hours in it really has not been as much of an issue as it seemed like it was going to be.


Rebind the attack and block buttons to A and B on your controller as having to mash the triggers the way the game calls for can give you a bit of RSI and trust me you do not want that!

Rebinding the attack and block buttons wouldn’t work for me at least, as having my thumb switch back and forth between them could cause me to miss things. One finger for each works well, but I don’t have issues with my wrists or hands.


I think I’m starting the third act now after beating [later mid-game spoilers] the Monk(ey) Monastery, the never ending ravine that shoots at you, and the village where everyone is the killer from Don’t Look Now. There are so many things I love and want to talk about with this game, but I’ll just say that I’m now firmly in the camp of thinking this might be my new favorite FromSoft game.

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10 hours in and I just realized there’s a map…


If I had one gripe about the game so far, it’s that the art design really doesn’t do a great job of conveying what is or isn’t grapplable. I have no doubt that there are hidden areas that require a leap of faith and last second grapple, but so far there have been several times where it just made no sense that a certain tree/tower/bridge could not be grappled to.

The fall penalty is fortunately not severe, but it’s still frustrating to make a jump thinking there will be something to latch on to and the prompt just never comes up. Maybe there’s some visual cue besides the actual grapple icon, but if there is I haven’t figured it out.

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The two visual tells for grapple points are the big gnarled tree branches sticking out all over the place, and small hooks on certain roofs (which are hard to see at a distance).

From what I’ve seen, the game always tries to telegraph safe long-jumps by making the former visible, a good example being entering Gun Hell Valley.

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Which I’m about to do I think! Horaaaay.