Sell me on Disgaea 5 - Switch version - If you please


Hello :slight_smile:

I didn’t really how to write this properly so I have formulated a list that may or may not help (probably the latter):

  1. I love JRPGs
  2. I love tactical RPGs
  3. I am playing I am Setsuna currently, but apart from that have played neither a 1 or 2 for about five years due to life
  4. I love my Switch. Seriously. Love it.
  5. Due to a newborn my gaming is now in 5-10 minute chunks.
  6. Due to the newborn I am sleep-deprived and my brain is at about 35% when having to think. About anything.
  7. I played one of the Disgaea games about 10 years ago, for about five hours, and then got confused and stopped.
  8. I liked the art style of that game (Wiki timeline for the series makes me think it was 1 or 2 in the series)

Given the above, is D5 for me do you think?


If you play a Disgaea game in 5-10 minute chunks you’ll probably be done by the year 2045.


That is a valid point. I do manage to do that several times a day though, and every now and again I get a clear hour in.

But yes, this may last me until the Boy leaves home.


There is only one pitch you need for a Disgaea game. You see those numbers? You can make them bigger and there is no limit to how big they can get.


Well I did end up getting this and after playing for an hour and being baffled and putting it down, last night I spent another hour on it and am still baffled but am now determined to give this a proper shot.

Holy Cow is there a lot going on though. Man oh man.

There also seems to be very little “out there” in terms of guides and general help. Unless I am missing something. Edit - I guess this is just a rehash of the PS4 game so maybe all the help is there if I search for that game.


I think it’s gonna be a game you will need to find a few hours to dedicate to feeling around and understanding, then once you have your head wrapped around it you’ll be able to reliably play in small chunks every day. I have it on PS4 and did the exact same thing as you, but I’m determined to give it the attention I think I should at some point. Keen to track your progress, might give me an indication of what to expect haha :smile: might hit you up when I get around to it if you still haven’t made any progress to kick you into gear and play it along with me :wink:


I would like that very much actually. Everywhere I look it is people talking about the post-game stuff as “that is where the real game is”. Well it isn’t for me. I haven’t felt this much like a newbie since I tried Eve Online like 15 years ago!

Having someone else to stumble through the game with would be very helpful. No pressure though.


You can take Disgaea 5 with you on the go! Seems like a good argument right there.


I haven’t had the game for very long so I don’t really understand all the systems myself, but I would recommend not worrying about figuring out all the intricacies of the game right at the start. I still haven’t dug into a bunch of systems, but I’m having a ton of fun with it.

I’m particularly enjoying focusing on unlocking new classes and powering stuff up in the item world. Considering that your time in broken up into little chunks I think the item world would work really well for you because you can generally beat an item world level much faster than a story mission.


anyone who’s playing this game and not digging into the systems too much: i highly recommend using the Curry Shop when it unlocks.

Not sure this counts as a spoiler but in case anyone doesn’t want to know how it works…??

I thought it was a consumable item store but its actually a persistent party-wide buff you can and should have up at all times. You make your own curry, you let it “brew” for however many battles you do before you go eat it (maximum 100), and then you go eat it at the curry shop and it lasts that many battles going forward.
Different ingredients you put into it give it different effects and you can put as many ingredients in as you want in the bottom ingredient slot. I don’t know what they all do, but I can tell you that every Fist weapon you put in gives you 1% crit chance (additive). Buy 100 of the cheapest fist weapon now at the store for like 5000HL and put them in your curry, come back 100 battles later and eat it and your entire team will have 100% crit chance for the next 100 battles. Start brewing the next batch as you eat it and the next 100 battle curry will be ready when yours runs out!

also for endgame mega-grind tips

[spoiler] When you reincarnate a character, they will have higher stats based on how many Sub-classes they’ve mastered. if you’ve mastered every subclass they’ll have 10mil bonus to every stat @ lv9999 if raised in the Elite 4 squad.
You can master a sub-class in literally one action if you have access to the Land of Carnage (post-game quests lead here). Go into a land of carnage item’s item world with the enemies set to 20* difficulty. Use a sage, and magichange 4 monsters into the sage (highly recommend Metallia as one of the monsters, see below). Use Geo Blast on the 20* land of carnage item world’s Geo panels and all 5 of those units will max out whatever subclass they have equipped. Use a mr Gency Exit, go swap everyone’s subclass, repeat.

next up: shards and extracts. Those Shards you get from killing Revenge Mode enemies, and the Extracts you get from interrogating captured enemies, they give a character permanent stat upgrades that persist through reincarnation, limit 10 million per stat per character.

the DLC character Metallia has a unique Overload that hits every enemy on the map with a Capture attempt.

There’s a map that has 100 enemies on it and with this very, very specific setup you can get Metallia to successfully capture 99 of them and kill the boss, on land of carnage 20* stronger enemies when metallia only has 10 million in each stat herself. Takes about an hour? to get 10mil extract to feed to another unit.
When you do feed the extracts to a unit make sure you use it IN A BATTLE and not in the base, and use it from someone with the Maid Evility that makes consumable items hit in a + shaped AoE so you actually give it to five units and not one!



Well this should all help tremendously, will be going back into the game once I have put the Boy to bed and will look inot the stuff above, thanks guys.


I do unfortunately have a plan out to the end of the year with games to play haha, but if you still haven’t gotten further in early 2018 I’ll give you a nudge :wink: if you do play it I’ll follow this thread closely though, I feel like our experiences will be pretty similar :smile:


This video is what sold me on Disgaea. Unrelated, if you don’t know Cool Ghosts, you should. They’re amazing.


Nice! I played through several missions last night and seem to be ignoring most things it is introducing and going up to the opponents and punching them in the face until they vanish. I suspect that will catch up with me at some point. I will 100% look into Item World and doing curry’s though.


I also just started BTW. Got sidetracked a bit into doing sidequests before advancing, but having a ton of fun so far.

What’s your policy on all the goodies in the Switch version? There’s so much stuff… I unlocked the 3 new classes and the starter weapon sets, but not the ONE MILLION HL and all the scenarios and characters… Dunno how I feel about all that.


I grabbed everything, as I didn’t know any better. I have only used a small amount of the cash though, and just two of the characters you get.


i did the same thing.
then when i beat the game and did the DLC missions to unlock story characters from previous games i found out they scale them to your level and you recruit them at around your level if you win


So I am halfway through chapter 2. Currently involved in some kind of demon three way awkward relationship, and a mysterious bloke with glasses has arrived and one of my main characters is insistent that newbie is “into boys”.

I may have no clue what I am doing but I am 100% in on this thing now.


I watched the video and the description of it as Football Manager Anime has wrecked my world.


Oh man, I didn’t see that. That is quite amazing, and very accurate.