Sending the elevator down

Hey guys. The other day, Austin said something about “sending the elevator down” for someone else. I know I’m still new here, but I wanted to create a space for people to connect, network, build references, or mentor others. Especially since it feels like it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.

For example, I have some contacts in the aerospace and medical device industries and I might be able to put you in touch with others in those industries or get you an interview (in AZ).

For my own part, I’m hoping to get into the games industry or games journalism.


I think this is a great idea. Unfortunately I don’t have many connections w/ people with a lot of power anywhere, but I work & live in San Diego and if people need help w/ relocation there or anything of the sort please feel free to contact me about it!

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I’m in the Atlanta area and work in TV.

Send me a message and we can talk.

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I’m a biostatistician in Toronto always looking for new work! I don’t have much to offer others in terms of networking at this point unfortunately.

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So I’m brand new to the world of finance am in a huge company and I have no sway at all, but I’m working on it.

But, if you’re looking for advice on working in a dental lab, looking for companies to avoid or work for/ with I can help with that.

I don’t have any standing in the finance industry that I’m in the process of leaving, but my dad has been in working in railway engineering for almost 45 years so if you’re looking for work/advice about the railway industry hit me up and I can ask for you.


I work in college admissions guidance and would be happy to give advice or answer questions to anyone around here going through that process! I think most of the people here are older than high school age but maybe not old enough to have high school-aged kids, so I’m not sure how relevant my expertise is… but if you or anyone you know would like help through a particularly awful process, hit me up yo.

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Good idea!

I uh, work in the animation industry in Ireland. My actual job is programming rather than anything artistic, but I’d know people in the industry and just general information if that’s of use to people. I don’t know how much of it would be applicable to say, the US industry, but feel free to reach out and I can always just plead ignorance. :+1:

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I work on the third floor and the metaphorical ground floor. I don’t take the elevator and have nowhere to send it metaphorically.

I’m a full-time author of science fiction and fantasy fiction and worked for a decade in trade publishing as a bookseller, sales representative, and then sales/marketing manager for a major indie SFF publishing house. I am happy to answer questions about writing and publishing, from craft to business to promotion.

I’m a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario and certified Project Management Professional (PMP). If anyone needs tips on getting licensed or certified, or what it’s like working in chemical/process industry, I’m always happy to help.

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I’m a game programmer at Germany’s oldest game developer. (Well, it’s a tie between us and Blue Byte.) I don’t have a big personal network, but know some people who have a lot of connections.

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Great idea for a thread!

I worked in the publishing industry in New York for five years and have experience with indies and corporate publishers; still have a lot of connections and am always happy to talk to anyone about any aspect of publishing or put one in touch with the right person.

I currently am, or am trying to be, an intellectual property lawyer in DC. Also have interest and experience in cybersecurity and privacy law. I have mentioned it before but on the side I edit a literary journal devoted to the weird/gothic/horror genres.

For whatever I may lack in actual connections or knowledge, I am always keen to help out folks, talk, ramble, or answer any/all questions that I can.


Unfortunately I don’t have many connections, but I’m currently on the JET Program (Japan Exchange and Teaching) and would be more than happy to help anyone who is thinking of applying this year with the application process as much as I can!