Senko no Ronde 2: a mecha fighting/bullet hell hybrid

Senko no Ronde 2 is out on September 6, in just a few days! It’s a really niche game, so if you’re unfamiliar the basic pitch is what if you mashed up Virtual-On with bullet hell shooters. Or if you need a modern example, think 2D Gundam Versus/Dissidia but as a shooter.

It’s developed by G. Rev and Chara-Ani who collectively have worked on games like Dariusburst, Gradius V, Ikaruga, Border Down and Under Defeat—basically they’re the people who you call to make cult classic shooters. It’s even got Yasuhisa Watanabe on the soundtrack, who worked on Darius, Street Fighter EX, Ninja Warriors and Metal Black.

I’ve been playing it a bit ahead of release and the coolest thing about it is how it lets you take the elaborate bullet patterns of enemies and turn them against another player, to the point where your super move is to actually turn into a full on SHMUP boss and force your opponent to survive several seconds of bullet hell. There’s also plenty of cool equipment and characters that use cool set ups and funnel like attacks to control space in interesting ways.

This is basically a game that lines up exactly with my tastes so I’m really excited to play it and talk to others about it. I’m really hoping it finds an audience this time. Any thoughts? Questions? I’m interested to see other’s reactions.