'Serenity' Is the Weirdest Video Game Movie Ever Made

Upfront, we should say that Serenity is a movie that manages to offend in both its meta narrative and main narrative. To some very loaded topics around domestic violence and abuse, it brings an ill-conceived and poorly delivered central conceit. And yet there is something compelling about its ineptitude and the elaborate earnestness with which it attempts to create an erotic thriller for the digital age. It is also fascinated by video games, and that fascination is expressed in some strange and almost unforgettable ways in this greatest of bombs of 2019. Join Rob, Cado, Austin, and Natalie as they attempt to reckon with this thing.

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I really wish the twist was that this whole movie took place in LEGO Island 2. Somebody re-edit this so Jason Clarke is the Brickster and our leads are Mama and Papa Brickolini.

Which had a better twist? Serenity with the twist they talk about on the pod, or the dinosaur toy betrayal in Serenity?

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Description perfectly fits the Whedon movie until the mention of it being 2019.


Kind of a confusing choice to use the Firefly movie for the icon. Not knowing anything about current Serenity, I full on thought this was about Firefly for several minutes.


I haven’t had a chance to listen to this yet, but I did quite enjoy the completely apoplectic response to this movie on the Slashfilmcast. They were mystified about the cast they were able to get for this trainwreck and convinced the director had never actually played a videogame.

Rob touched on that infamous scene from Burnt and the plastic bag Bradley Cooper attempts to use so sensationally is a sous vide bag, because of course it is.

I’m glad they mentioned Double Indemnity.

That movie has one of the best visual pay offs, the matches, in film history.

For the after credits stuff, i just want to say that digimon world is a good game.

waypoint is all about that #engagement now