Settings and/or Premises You Feel Aren't Used Enough in Games


This is one of many reasons why Dragon’s Dogma is SO DAMN GOOD. Lot of people dismiss the story before the Big Reveal as just being standard fare, but there’s so many little things that are just odd about everything, both in and out of cutscenes.


Where is my game that is just a Hieronymus Bosch painting. Lots of games take inspiration from his work but I just straight up want to walk through one of those paintings.

Also there aren’t enough games about being a foreigner that arent “white dude kills locals”. I really want a game about the actual experience of culture shock & living in a new culture. Because I’m selfish.


Why just take inspiration from the humanoid rabbit wielding a polearm that has a disembowled human corpse on it, when you can be that humanoid rabbit? And I think it’s blowing a horn, too?

For real, though, a game based entirely on scenes and characters from The Garden of Earthly Delights would be quite the trip.


Polearm With a Human Corpse On It turned up on Dark Souls 3’s Ringed City:

It’s Baller.


I’d really enjoy a modern espionage RPG. Alpha Protocol had some interesting ideas, but was too interested in being a stealth/action game to deliver on them. If these themes were incorporated into a primarily dialogue/faction-rep driven single-player game I’d be all over it. I’ve also been spending some hours with Pathologic as of late, and whatever one might call that world I’d like to see more of.


More Zeno Clash. Or any of the other Ace Team game worlds, for that matter. The Deadly Tower of Monsters’ premise was fantastic, even if the game itself wasn’t super fun to play.


I feel like the tide is slowly turning but where are all my pirate games? I’m sure I have found a half a dozen excuses to post about this on the forum already but Sid Meier’s Pirates! is one of my favourite games and there’s nothing else quite like it.


Good one. I’d love to see some espionage games with very little to no physical sneaking and direct violence. Not can you sneak past these armed people but can you trick your way into this hotel room, search it, copy the info you need, and put everything back undetectably? Not can you shoot this guy but can you get him to start a relationship with your fellow deep cover agent so they can eventually turn him into an informant for your cause?


One of my biggest complaints with Fallout: New Vegas is that, despite being a courier and technically being apart of this whole delivery group, you don’t actually get to do a lot of mailmain-ing? I feel like the idea exploring an extensive fictional world through the lens of someone who’s just transporting packages is an untapped well of potential. Sunless Sea could get that vibe sometimes, but most of the time in that game I feel very distanced from the world and the story (+ plus the roguelike elements lead to you repeating stuff a lot).

In general, I think the idea of just being a small part of a wider fantastical world is under explored in all of media, not just video games. Maybe I don’t wanna play as the chosen one? Maybe I just wanna be the dude who makes sure the chosen one get’s their mail?


I’ve only read a little bit of it, so I can’t vouch for over all quality, but if you’re in need of some post-apocalyptic delivery-man-ing… :grin:



Good news on the magical girl front: Blue Reflection, from the creators of the Atelier series, comes out later this month on Steam and PS4 and looks pretty decent:


Hm… That looks… interesting, although also a little odd. I guess I’ll keep an eye on it.


Just wanted to second legally-distinct-Shadowrun. That setting is, somewhat oddly, hyper specific about exactly how things go down, but the premise of “magic showed up in 20XX and now it’s 21XX” has a lot of interesting directions to go w/r/t systems and thematic content. Where are the people who swipe right on a dragons dating profile unwittingly? The guy who’s company just merged and his new boss might be a lich? The animal shelter where all the strays talk?


Actually, I’m more interested in the people who swipe right on dragons intentionally


Non-sim games that are set in the sky and mainly focuses on flying. I really wish there would be a solid flying game set in that weird period where aviation was rapidly shifting from zeppelins, wood/canvas biplanes to all-metal monoplanes and jet engines.


Oh, yeah, this is good. I’d love more flight focused games that weren’t centered around combat. I can’t believe no one’s made an attempt at another Sky Odyssey-style game. That game is freaking 17 years old now!


Moment of silence for the GoI Adventure Mode kickstarter which didn’t reach the non-combat-focused goals.

Actually, that reminds me – Sunless Skies is in development, right? If it’s anything like Sunless Sea in mode…