'Severed' Is Perfect For Switch Owners Looking For Something New

The touch-based combat game has appeared on other platforms before, and is right at home on Nintendo's new machine.

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Severed is also one of the few games I know that deal with mourning and the toxic ways that someone can deal with the death of the loved ones.

I played it on WiiU for a review and absolutely loved it. Couldn’t resist to play it to completion (it has its own achievements in WiiU) and now I want to play it again.

Can’t wait to see what Drinkbox studios makes next.


I am very tempted by this, but am currently being mediocre at Splatoon 2 and bad at Sonic Mania so feel this needs to wait until a sale comes along and I have a bit more time. I did really enjoy Guac though, these guys seem to have a good feel for making interesting games.