Sexism at Riot Games


Barring the reddit comments, the actually linked images shows a lot of the sentiment I share, even though that tact done still feels a little off putting.

It’s hard to live in a world where these issues exist and it’s valid to point them about and be angry about it, and yet having to always essentially be polite about an issue that’s hurtful to minorities. Meh. At the end of the day, the people who don’t understand will understand even less and idk if that helps but at the same time its incredibly freeing to call a spade a spade


I don’t know if there’s a perfect way to support discriminated groups/stand up to prejudice, but to me those messages show genuine sentiment and desire to do better. If they were developers for a game of which I was part of the community I would be pretty damn proud of them.


Exactly. Plus the people arguing against this thinks that segregation is inherently the issue of racism and sexism when it’s segregation to exclude a group of people from being part of something

POC were segregated from being equal citizens, white guys are segregated because they’re already overrepresented.


I don’t want to accuse everyone who disagrees of this, but there’s always a fair amount of brigading by certain alt-right/far-right websites whenever topics like this appear on a major subreddit like /r/leagueoflegends. Just clicking on some of the top voted angry comments reveals users’ most visited subreddits that are pretty…yikes. Anyway, my point is that it’s kind of hard to have a genuine discussion about any of this on reddit when it’s hard to tell which commentators are actually trying to have a discussion/learn from each other and which are entering the argument in bad faith.

It’s good to see (parts of) Riot back up Daniel Z Klein in private though. I think worst case scenario is that it would have turned into an arenanet thing, which would just be the worst.


Riot pledges to make a difference while firing two employees trying to address the very environment Riot was accused of fostering.

I know the article states that the employees “left” and Riot won’t confirm why, but I know an ex-Riot employee close to one of the now-unemployed listed in the article and he confirmed Riot let them go. Not a journalistic source, but I am not a journalist.

Riot doesn’t really want to change. Riot will make whatever bare minimum action it will take to get them out of the spotlight and hope that this “controversy” fades away. They should be given no benefit of the doubt.


I was close to posting that haha. I’m of many minds about it. What Klein did was kind of not okay, as much as I seriously agree with every part of the statement. There’s a lot of people that side with him because he’s frankly saying what we all feel after dealing with a shitty, shitty culture. But even still, the statements klein made and even joking about a men only space in the turbine of the LAX is…wow.

I’ve seen a lot of that even on this forum. I’m a trans woman dealing with this situation after losing all faith in riot after reading those initial posts on riots culture and the league subreddit is fucking depressing and horrible. They think it’s okay to literally shit on the riot balance team 24/7, every day, without a moments reprieve, and yet engaging with this part of the community is kind of necessary. That’s bloody awful.

And yet… I still wouldn’t have engaged with this in the way that klein did. Does it justify firings? Idk anymore, but they also did warn everyone not to engage with the community which would’ve been even better. I can’t speak for anyone’s experiences on riot but I’m surprised I don’t hear as much about how crazy this all kind of was

Edit: It’s kind of bullshit that the other employee gets fired for defending him but still. It’s really complicated and feels weird when no one seems to address that what klein said was kind of explosive


I’m inclined to agree with you. Whilst Klein’s (and other staff’s) frustrations were entirely understandable, reacting in that manner so publicly had a very high risk of backfiring. I don’t think any company would be likely to hang on to an employee who attacked their own client base that way, regardless of their politics.

What a cluster* it is though, trying to navigate being a decent human, engaging with other humans (on the internet no less!), and working for a capitalist organisation.


Acting inhuman for the sake of the company or a political cause and rolling with the millions of punches with no reaction is both the most ridiculous expectation to have whilst being understandable when dealing with an ignorant audience.

I hate that I’m talking about tone. I hate that I feel like I have to. I grew up my whole life literally making my personality the embodiment of being “respectable” and being trans and hiding it for the sake of this has cost me my sense of self in a way I’m still trying to repair. This shouldn’t be the way any human should feel.

But… for the sake of someone who genuinely doesn’t know why you’re screaming, using your public platform to vent in such an ad hoc way still feels a step too far when we already won when riot decided to make that room a space for women and nb people. It’s very fucking complicated and maybe I’m wrong to expect more but if we want change someone has to start somewhere. If anything, safe spaces are probably the best place for it and not public forums, so we can all mutually understand the experience and understand where you’re coming from without having to worry about the tone


I’m tired. Fucking tired of this shit.

What Gators do is bad, not only innately, but also especially because of who they target and why.

An eye for an eye may make more blind men. But Gators are bullies, and bullies don’t stop until they’ve been beaten.

Phil Fish did nothing wrong.
Jessica Price did nothing wrong.
Peter Fries did nothing wrong.
Klein did nothing wrong.

Fuck Gators, fuck “core customers”, and fuck anybody cheering the firings. Hit the Gators until they stop hurting people.


Fuck Riot, Fuck Bros


I have no idea how anyone can think that the dude going around the office doing ball taps can be trusted to fix a culture this sexist.

I can understand the impulse to give folks a second chance, and the sentiment that higher ups resigning wouldn’t actually be a long term fix and could create more work down the line, but not EVERY higher up deserves that second chance. Anyone who thought that ball taps were even MILDLY okay in a professional setting NEEDS TO GO. What value could he POSSIBLY offer to fixing Riot’s culture???


That quote at the end from an employee defending the higher-ups is pretty telling:

“I understand people who are asking them to step down because they think they’re not equipped to handle this. I do think that if they ended up stepping down, we would have to spend a lot of time looking for the right fit to replace them. I do think that the D3 [COO, CEO and president] and [co-founders] Marc and Brandon are in their place where they are very committed to changing Riot’s culture to be more inclusive and diverse even if they aren’t the most knowledgeable about it. I think that commitment does mean something.”

“Sure they’re the root cause of rampant discrimination and yes, they don’t know what they’re doing, but boy do they insist on being committed to something they’ve never cared about before. And besides, who wants to do all that work to find a replacement.”

Finding a replacement that will be the “right fit” means they slot into an already broken system. If anyone in charge at Riot actually wants to change things a strong first step would be to find someone who deliberately doesn’t fit to spread those changes from the top.


kick this person through a FUCKING WINDWO FUCK AHHHHHHHHHH

literally every single symptom of late capitalism (sorry had to fuckin happen if it hasnt yet!!) is perpetuated by this fucking “change is inconvenient for me” worldview and i just want to take that chesterfield tufted leather armchair from which they drawl this despicable bullshit and push it into the hearth roaring before them


In Slack channels and meeting rooms, employees are hashing out what a diverse and inclusive Riot might look like and educating each other about behaviors harmful to women

I’d love to see some of these conversations.


Can we get reanacted versions of these where every actor on stage has to wear googely-eyes during their performance?