SFV - how 'boutcha boy Ed?

Edited - replaced garbage tweet compressed video for YouTube

He looks sick. SF5 really nailed down making really fun characters with a lot of cool options since Balrog. Hopefully they come back to OG characters and put them at the same level.

It looks like his super takes nearly 10 seconds which is pretty cray, but yeah otherwise he looks pretty sick.

Also: his inputs

“What makes Ed especially unique is how players perform his special moves. His special moves have simple inputs; they only require simultaneous button presses, repeatedly pressing a button, or holding down a button. Only Ed’s Critical Art is done by inputting a traditional motion.”

What the fuck is this shorts and spandex and knee high boots combo. His default and Eminem outfits are cool, his kit looks cool, but this outfit is so perplexing.

He’s basically a young Bison taught by Balrog, so I guess Capcom was like idk just smash the two together and call it a day, which seems to be the case for most of SFV.


I am worried that they made dictator into boxer because nomenclature has always been a mother fucker in SF.

now they just need to add a character whose name in english is Claw


He looks tight. Pretty much all the DLC characters have been tight. Their trailers are tight. This game is tight.

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Anybody else been trying him out on the CFN network Beta thing? I picked him up for a bit and have been totally having a blast.

I really love his control scheme. I don’t want this to be how every street fighter character works, but I really love street fighter having a character that works this way.

His moveset also seems very interesting. Some cool anti-zoning moves and good anti-airs mixed with ways to create advantage from mid range against passive players.

Only seen the trailer but he looks fun. Also I’m into the hoodie story costume.

Yes! It took me a second to even comprehend what I was seeing while looking at his command list but once I put it into practice it felt really cool.

He’s definitely got some cool punish setups going on. I also had some success kind of playing footsies using his projectile to bait people into opening up for his charged heavy punch or his V-Skill.