'Shadowkeep' Will Change the Way You Play and Pay for 'Destiny 2'

Shadowkeep, the new Destiny 2 expansion dropping in October, isn’t just bringing new story content and a new location , but some pretty large structural changes. The biggest one is obviously the free-to-play New Light, which includes a surprising amount of content. But we’re starting to learn a lot more about the host of subtle changes and additions that will make Destiny 2 a very different game once Shadowkeep and New Light are live.

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When I first saw those jpegs for the battle pass progression screen I was worried. But since its just included in the season pass and you progress in it by just playing destiny normally instead of fullfilling weird ass “collect 7 popcorn buckets from tilted towers” challenges there doesn’t seem to be much of a downside to this.

They definitely introduced this in order to give new/free players a very obvious & concrete form of progression to latch onto. With the instant boost to 750 light level across all equipment coming up it seems like this might be a replacement for some of the power level grind? Makes me wonder what they are going to do with power levels in the future.