Shadowrun Players - What is your ideal running group?


Because holy shit I watched Chappie for the first time and never have I seen something that captures what I want from the concept of Shadowrun so strongly.

Yo-Landi in pink painted armour and a white jumpsuit with pastel uzi’s is pure aesthetic.[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Pink Mohawk
  • Mirror Shades


For real though I have always found the whole quiet and professional to be an although like, probly realistic and working concept an overall boring one. I like rough shadowrunners, with ridiculous aesthetic and attitudes.

If you haven’t modded yourself to be a matte-black skinned runner with tons of extra cartilage so you can bend twist and squeeze yourself in disgusting positions while also having red goat eyes and neon fiber optic hair, I just think you’re missing out.


here is scoobert doobert


The more crazy, weird eclectic style the better. Maybe have one super professional runner in the crew to provide some sort of grounding, but Id rather let a group just go nuts and do whatever they want, which usually results in a good kind of crazy.

And any time I can sing Mirrorshades by Information Society before a table top gaming session is a good time so Mirrorshades is he only answer in that poll.