Shadowrun Waypoint

After hearing so much about what Shadowrun had to offer on the podcast, I thought I’d pick it up.

Just two problems, I didn’t realize it wasn’t something I could just play with my wife, and I’ve never actually participated in a long form tabletop RPG before.

So, this my humble forum-goers is me sending out a signal to see if anyone wanted to get a game going, or could point me in the right direction. I’ve got the starter kit and a couple of books.

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Shadowrun is great!

One thing to be aware of is the 6th edition unfortunately suffers from bad editing so some things are not exactly well explained. So if you feel like you do not understand something be sure to look it up because chances are it’s not you it’s the book. Or quite honestly if you are GM just make a rule call and note it down so you’re consistent going forward.

This is a good megathread on 6e resources

From my own personal experience trying to run a one shot 5e Decking is really cool but also complex, new players and GMs should probably avoid this until comfortable with the other rules. I gave my players an NPC who did all their hacking which turned out fine.


Appreciate it! Am I better off trying to comb through a place like Roll20 for this stuff you think, or is this a kind of thing the Waypoint forums can be good for?

Roll20 can be good, just for getting some feelers out… I had an okay game that came together via Roll20. I think both can be good and then you’re casting the widest net!

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just fyi if you’re looking for some one-on-one games, pelgrane press has a couple of those, Cthulhu Confidential (which predictably is a take on Cthulhu) and Night’s Black Agents: Solo Ops (spy versus vampire)