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In an effort to keep this thread going, and following @Futurato’s lead, I’ve created a collection of games from this thread on You can find them here:

I’ll update the collection as more games are added. And if you want to be able to add them yourself then just message me and I’ll make you a contributor. I’m sorry if your game isn’t on then I can’t add them to the collections.

Be sure to take the time to play and review other’s work. I know we could all do with some constructive feedback.


Hey all, made my first game earlier this year, thought would post it, any thoughts please let me know! I have had some feedback before but not sure I agree with some it, play and I might share that as well and see what you guys think about it!


I’ve made a bunch of little half-playable game experiments over the past couple years. You can find them at If you’re curious what you might like, my games probably break down into a few different categories:

Probably the most complete one, worth checking out, is Click F-----. It’s an IF game I made for a Ludum Dare using my own twine-like engine about an experience I had dealing with a homophobic guy while I was in college.

There are also a few short sokoban style gamey-games I’ve made like Survive Green, Change the Name to Game, and SCNLN. That’s also the order I’d recommend playing them.

I tried making a VR bullet hell game, was enjoying it, then accidentally deleted all the code. But if you have a vive, feel free to try Survive Neon

Recently, I’ve been trying to make more evocative, moody, very short 3D experiences in Unity. I’ve made two so far: Limited Options and Desire.


sure, ok! here’s the last thing i did, i’d probably call it… interactive video poetry but a game is fine too. a little companion piece to my novel narrow lines. pretty happy with it in the end, please enjoy thank you.

here’s everything else - two twine pieces that are good, and the novel (also good)


If anyone knows how to archive software projects in a playable state without having to regularly rebuild, port, or otherwise maintain them, I’d really like to learn from them. I’ve lost so many projects over the years.

Frank Cifaldi gave a talk at GDC 2016 arguing that emulation should be seen as a a “codec” for video games, implying that standard emulators could be used to preserve old titles. I like that idea, though it’s not super helpful for proactively preserving your own software since it depends on other people to develop and maintain emulators. In theory, targeting a virtual machine should make emulation and archival easy, but you only need to look at all the Java applets that can’t run anymore due to security restrictions to see flaws in that.

On a separate note, drawing smiley faces on planets in Terrasphere is a lot of fun.


I think I posted these in another thread, but here’s mine:
Honeyblast, a browser arcade-style game.
Oh No! Ghosts, an RPG Maker horror shitpost from 2 years ago that I think might still be pretty funny.


Well, I have a little bit of free time tonight so I guess I’ll play a few more games!

@Lawnch: a clean little Twine game! I once couldn’t get a friend of mine to agree that games—especially Twine games—can and should sometimes be very, very short experiences. They kind of end up feeling like a video game equivalent of a pithy saying. Also I doubt this was intentional(?) but on the page with the most identifiers, the “Leave them alone.” link option fell off the screen and I had to proceed by choosing the bad option :frowning:

@hellojed: yeah, you got me. I lost my grandfather when I was much younger, but I had a lot of the same thoughts as those you communicated. I also ask myself why I didn’t spend more time with him, and probably in fewer words, too, as I was still just a teenager. The “Press E To” conceit is interesting, and I like that you kinda go against its very generic and expected use in CoD by basically writing enough that it really does become a specific act—you paying respect to your grandfather. Considering where it was featured, I’m sure you’ve read better takes on your work already!

@sweetJP: Super awesome, really wonderful nonsense joke of a game that, while memey, as you admit, really does so much to earn its existence. You guys got pretty close to the general feel of Seinfeld’s character writing and that does so much for the joke. Pretty impressed that you guys even went all out and basically plotted out a full episode! Just wonderfully enjoyable.


My current project is nullpointer, a fast-paced roguelike first-person shooter (the link is to the 7DRL prototype):

Previous projects include Astaeria, a little exploration game about poetry:

THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD, another first person narrative game about depression, which I made for AM16:

Silent Crossing, a procedural haunted town generator made for procjam:

and Audiochroma, a first-person music visualizer:


Would anyone be interested in doing a Waypoint Game Jam? I can happily host. Though with Wizard Jam coming up I don’t think it should be until July at the earliest.

Thoughts? Themes? Rules? Mutators?


I think the obvious one is to use podcast episode titles like Wizard Jam but I think trying to work article titles in to it in some way could be better.

E.g. a random game name generator that builds the names from words that are in titles grabbed from the RSS feed for the site.

Should probably go ahead and start a new thread so others see this idea, maybe aim for July?


Someone was teasing the idea but didn’t get it off the ground: Hypothetical name for Waypoint game jam

Post the thread link in here if you end up doing it though.


I forgot this was a thread! I made a game for the Idle Thumb’s community jam “Wizard Jam”.

The game is pretty tough because some rules of it are less clear than I thought, but a helpful hint is that you should only move to disable the visible enemy when they’re right next to you. If there’s a 1 space gap between you and you move, they’ll get you instead.

Hope you can enjoy it in spite of the uphill struggle!


I made a pretty simple virtual pet game for a “Pet Jam” itch had once.

I’ll have to check out some of the games in this thread.


New Jam City comes to an end today, so be sure to check out what the community has made.

Here’s my contribution.

Live From The Bunker can now be played for free at:


Well. I missed the game jam. But I have done some other stuff I can post in this thread if anyone wants to see it.

My games are here.

One was done for a different sites game jam… And the other one was built super fast entirely off of a random thought that I had that made me laugh. Neither is very long or deep.

I’m working on another game right now too, and that’ll be up… when it’s done.


Here’s the game we made for New Jam City 2017, it’s kind of a lot…

This jam was such an amazing time. Originally it was just an excuse for us to get together as a group and work on something but it turned into something so much bigger and cooler. Wanted to thank Waypoint and the community for hosting the jam and I can’t wait to try the other entries!


I participated in Ludum Dare once (quite a while ago since it was Ludum Dare 21) with a friend of mine. The main themes were ‘Escape’ and ‘One button game’, so we made a one button game about Es (the letter) trying to escape from a labour camp. In order to escape, an E has to retrieve a cape (i.e., e’s cape) and then get to a runway to fly away. The player controlled the guards, using the mouse to move a cursor and the escape key to move the closest guard to said cursor. The game jam was a lot of fun, but we haven’t managed to get together for another one since then.

I also spent quite a lot of time a few years ago making a game called ‘Programmable Spaceships’, which was intended to be something like Gratuitous Space Battles, but where each spaceship could be individually programmed. I never released anything, but there are a few videos still on youtube


I’ve got a game on Steam called Curse of the Crescent Isle DX but I really can’t recommend it lol. The graphics and music were done by someone else (and they’re great) but the level design and programming were done by me and they’re…not the best? I’ve also got an unabashed Mario 1 clone on called Blue Beacon but it’s worse.


Hi! I’ve got a long-running-in-development game on itch called Long Live The Axe - it’s an action-platformer with souls-y elements (i-frame dodge rolls, tough bosses, my humble attempts at telling a story through environments/enemy interactions instead of dialogue), meatboy/Hard-Platformer influences (lots of dying but with instant per-room restarts and no game overs), through the lens of spooky-cute Pixel Horror. The story is themed around my own struggles with depression, isolation, homelessness, identity repression, and eating/sleep disorders - i wanted to keep the aesthetic hopeful and cute but still CW for those things!

The game itself has been in open development for a few years (it’s a solo spare-time effort, so I tend to drop a large update whenever life/work eases up enough to give me the free time) - got a MASSIVE update in the works right now for sometime this month hopefully, so it’s probably wise to wait for that to check it out - but ofc buyin the open-access version also buys access to any and all future updates, including the “final” release, whenever that is lol. ofc there’s also a free demo :smiley:

EDIT: (a very old and out-of-date but under the file-size limit) gif!
yeah yeah yeah new


I really like the way this looks :open_mouth: