Share Games You Made

I’ve started a lot of games but honestly most of them never went anywhere thanks to my lack of technical ability. Probably the closest I’ve gotten to complete is gorehounds, a kind of janky twin stick style shooter with a ridiculous number of approaches to play.

there’s weird story vignettes, mini-rts elements, fire physics, and even kill streaks. it’s kind of a mess, and basically ended up as a test bed for a lot of things as i learned gamemaker.

#REDGLARE is probably the only other cool thing i’ve made. it’s nothing more than a prototype but you can fly a little mech and shoot and reflect homing missiles

@Aska I saw a streamer i like do a playthrough of this and i was really impressed! i was wary it was going to be some ironically distanced game that would low key be annoying but it’s so earnest and has so many cool movement abilities and ideas. i really love how it looks, both in terms of in game aesthetics and character art. y’all did a great job!

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Update: Giant Bomb played the game I made for their jam. My game is at approximately an hour and eight minutes in, but it’s worth watching the entire thing to see everyone’s games. Some really cool stuff got made.

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Just came across this and it looks really cool/fun/interesting. Totally up my alley. I’m gonna pick it up right now! As a fellow solo developer, I’m very interested in seeing what you’ve been able to accomplish with a spare-time project. Are there more updates in the works/on the way?

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My first game:

Of course it didn’t make money, but I’m still proud of it. Lots of lessons learned, I think it’s a fairly well balanced puzzle game, but starts to feel more like math homework the more you can play it. Gotta learn how to make the next one more fun.

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Here’s my first game as well - I’m usually hesitant to post about it, since reception has been mixed at best since release last year, but I’m hoping it might be of interest to some of you around here.

It’s a visual novel/beat’em up hybrid (80%/20%, or thereabouts) telling the story of someone wanting to reach the top of a fighting tournament, despite needing to attend class so as not to flunk her school year. The aesthetic is inspired by wrestling, but the game isn’t about that at all - it’s merely used as a parabol for other stuff.

The game’s rather slow, and much of the pacing is left up to the player since the narration relies on random events for an attempt at non-linearity, so it’s clearly not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you feel like giving it a shot, it’s available as a pay-what-you-liked (play first, pay later) on Steam: and itch io:

It looks like this:

There’s a site and manual too if you want to see what it’s about before diving in:

And, uh, that’s it! If you play it, hope you’ll have fun :slight_smile:

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Hi! I made some games (talked about them on the Indie Dev Thread).

I have some projects on my personal and others on a more “professional” itch since they involve more people.

My most recent game is a Twine project called When Words Don’t Come Out where I try and recreate a break-up conversation. It’s an attempt at convey the conversation and also the things we might want to say but can’t.


You can play this (and two LDJAM entries I made here):

Also made a bigger, more traditional game, called Disconcerted. It’s a puzzle game where you have to traverse mazes but can only change the direction of the ball from horizontal to vertical and vice-versa. It’s both about timing and about figuring how to get to the end.


This game (and an arcade game involving cats!) is on:

If you play any of them I would love to hear some feedback! :smiley:

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Thank you! The “final” update is in the works right now, just taking the time to make sure it’s polished up before release. Doing a project over such a long time scale has been frustrating in some ways, but it’s been a really important learning experience too - I’m VERY excited to update soon & show off how far the game has come in this past year.

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Really excited for the final update. The demo version I have is super fun and plays really well, but I found I couldn’t really do much/go anywhere. Great look and feel, though! Can’t wait for more.

Neat thread! I’ll share my personal games.

Sand and Stars - Windows/Mac download. Made for the Mystic Western game jam in 2016. A weird little story game.

RotoDefendo - Browser. Part of the One Button Jam. A simple little arcade thing.

Noru - Browser. Part of GBJam. A tiny puzzle game.

Grizzly Gus’ Ramblin’ River Run - Windows only. Made for CGA Jam. Kind of unfinished, but some fun shader tricks for the art.

THE THIRD ONE - Windows only. Made for Epistle 3 jam. It’s the game everybody’s been waiting for.

a cup of tea - Browser. Made for Self Care Jam 2. It’s not a game. It’s a thing to chill out with.

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So uh, I’m not sure if this is the thread for this, but I made one of those games that what goes on a tabletop instead of a screen. It only involves 9 cards, so it’s pretty easy to craft. It was put together for a BGG 9-card contest last year. It’s a bit rough around the edges and if I had the time to make everything perfect I’d do a bit more balancing, but that’s gamedev, right? Here’s a link to the “final” version, rules and cards for print and play.

Locked On Rules and Cards

I just finished a little puzzle/story game that was made for an October/Halloween-themed game jam. It’s obviously a little late now, but might still be of interest for anyone who enjoys ghost stories and “dark” games. There’s no jack-o-lanterns or witch costumes or anything like that in it, so probably something that works no matter the time of year (as long as you turn the lights off).

Anyone else out there with homemade games to post, or even WIP projects they want to share? Feels weird being the only one to keep dropping into this thread. But here goes!

GitHub hosted a game jam last month, and the response was huge. Over 2,000 people signed up for it, and now 211 games have been submitted. Probably the biggest game jam I’ve ever seen on itch. Anyway, the theme was “throwback”, so I decided to make a little love letter to the '90s and the golden-era of first-person shooters. It’s not perfect by any stretch, but some of you '90s babies might get a kick out of it.

I’m currently working on an update for the game, which should be live tomorrow. In any case, it’s called BAD VIBES, and you download it for free.

Thanks for checking it out!

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Hope it’s okay to bump this thread but I couldn’t find another one!

Just finished a short Twine game about waiting for the subway at night in New York. I’ve made a lot of games at game jams, but this is the first project I’ve conceived of and seen through to completion on my own and I’m really proud of it.


Glad people are still adding to this thread, and this was an interesting—albeit frighteningly accurate—experience. Think it triggered my PTSD of terrible subway experiences once the countdown reset and I realized maybe I would never see that train after all.

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Hey I made this game about being a dog who farts on people.


Thank you! I certainly consider interesting to be a compliment. It’s amazing how many of those nights feel like “I may actually never get home”