Share you music recommendations


Hey people!
Made this topic where you would share some music recommendations. Is it a song or an album? A new discovery or a all time favorite? Just share it with us!

Music thread... SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

In honor of May Day.


Currently have this on repeat


This new Algiers song is good, and everyone should know.


Future Islands are good. I like their new album for the most part.


I’m obsessed with Jordan Brown ever since I saw him live in Philly


The new Kendrick album - I really like it.


I’d love for more people to listen to Idles, they do super sarcastic, political, hyper-British punk


Alright so I went to soundcloud to find you this excellent Troyboi set but I’ve been completely derailed by this DMX vs Len mashup by SteveKindOf called “Does DMX like butter tarts”. So, check that out also I guess?

For real though, Troyboi’s BBC Radio One set has been in constant rotation for me over the last couple weeks, it’s def worth your time.


And Yet It Moves - Ketamine Ma’am.

Dale Barclay from The Amazing Snakeheads’s new band. Its dark an slow and weird, I dig it


I tried using this for Mechnoir combat scenes but the party was much more interested in talking their way through everything, which was actually a lot of fun.


Also Colin Stetson, who does just the fucking coolest solo sax music


I wouldn’t be mad at all if the tertiary emo bands of my youth went new wave



I like this a lot! :slight_smile:


Rufus Harley is great, he plays jazz on the bagpipes.


I’ve been listening to Love a lot recently. Forever Changes is among my favorite albums.


I cannot in good conscience recommend the glut of K-pop I’ve been listening to


Going to drop some Streetlight here! A long-time favourite of mine who recently won a very satisfying victory over their dodgy records label, Victory Records.


Jizue is similar to FCP, I like em both.