Share you music recommendations


Hello! I’m new. I love the idea of this thread, 'cuz I’m always looking for new music recs. I have to catch up on a lot, so for now, here’s a spotify link to songs I’ve been obsessed with this year:


Yaaas! I recently got into her too so this is a good recommend.

Thundercat - Friend Zone

Love the 80’s vibe to this.


CAFUNE is awesome, glad to see someone else enjoying their music.

Right now I recommend Suchmos, MONDO GROSSO, WONK, Takuya Kuroda and Kan Sano.


OMG! I was going to post that Mondo Grosso song too! Love love that song. Shinshi Osawa did THAT! :clap:t5::clap:t5:

Your other recommendations were nice as well :smiley:


I’ve been addicted to that Mondo Grosso song for a month

As for me Brent Faiyaz is quickly becoming one of my favorite voices in R&B here’s him and his group Sonder


I’ve been following King Krule since his first studio album, and I just love the style he brings in this new album. Here’s a great song from the tracklist:


absolutely gonna be in my top 5 songs for the year


Thundercat is a modern-day angel on the bass. His style is pretty distinct too: Whether it’s on his own tracks or in his collabs with Flying Lotus and Kimbra, there’s something about the way the bass is played that makes me think “That must be Thundercat,” everytime I hear it.

Anyways, I’ll contribute with OJ Law: a local indie musician who produced the most relatable pop song I’ve ever danced to, called Tongue-Tied.


Heads up: this is mainly just electronic and hip-hop stuff.



Here is some rad saxophone music:

Here is some more, from a more metal/noise-leaning band:


Thank you for this gem. It’s phenomenal.


shoot, I was gonna post that mondo grosso song! good picks tho


If you like prog/math-rock or jazz at all, I highly reccomend this. Very technical, yet melodic and almost soft at times. Still very VERY upbeat. I love their first ep with all of my heart, and this single sounds like a continuation of the themes presented on it!


Kind of late, but I am in love with the new Open Mike Eagle album


Nice to see Zu mentioned here! I saw them live once, and that baritone saxophone was pretty intimidating. Igneo is also an awesome album!


Troldhaugen - BMX Terminator

A song essentially about solving the world’s problems by building a BMX-riding robot. My favourite band for many many years, and I’m glad I can share it with my new home :slight_smile:


This is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums this year.


Sigur Rós, I can’t stress it enough. Just anything by them.
Jonsi (their lead singer and vocalist) also has stuff of his own that should be listened to. His Go Quiet album was a masterpiece.


I’ve really been feeling No Vacation by Yam Yam

There’s A Honey by Pale Waves

and Ride on Time by Tatsuro Yamashita


Nina Simone – Ne Me Quitte Pas
Possible my favorite recording of all time :smiley: