Share you music recommendations


Speedy Ortiz - No Below

i know it’s not like the greatest song or anything like that but
i guess i got sucked into some vortex lately and i keep listening to it


The closer I get to Halloween the more I listen to songs that are nice but creepy


keeping the nice but creepy theme

coil - red queen

coil - where are you

Current 93 - The Carnival Is Dead And Gone

Current 93 - Calling For Vanished Faces II


Someone else recommended St Vincent’s latest album to me. Having never listened to St Vincent before i didn’t really know what to expect but i’m really loving it. Los Ageless in particular is pretty outstanding.

Love Sigur Rós. Saw them live in Edinburgh last year and it was one of the most mind blowing experiences of my life.

Kveikur was such a fantastic album.


Let’s go, “Nice but creepy” is Current 93’s entire oeuvre encapsulated in a couple words, David Tibet has been through some very bad life experiences and he has decided to make music that reflects that

Here’s some more, I try to keep it low because I don’t wanna flood the thread: (the whole thing but just this one song in particular)


My first recommendation is one of my favorite bands, Screaming Females. Marissa Paternoster is one of the best frontwomen and guitarists in the game right now, and I will fist-fight anyone who defies my claim. Had the pleasure of seeing them live last month at a super intimate venue and, man, they are beyond quality.

When I saw the aforementioned Screamales live, Street Eaters opened for them and, frankly, they blew me away even more than the main act did. Just a lady drummer and a dude with a bass, they had so much infectious energy. You can stream both of their albums for free on their Bandcamp.

Lastly, White Lung, a Canadian band that I came across half a year ago while listening to a Screaming Females radio station on Google Play and immediately fell in love with.


Without a doubt, my all time favourite.


Alopecia by Why? is the album that’s resonating with me the most lately.


Burial is great music to work to and kind of anything else:

Kelela just keeps getting better:

Clarence Clarity:


Just found these guys but pleasantly surprised:


My all-time favorite song has to be Aurora Northern Quarter by Lone:

It has this chill yet happy vibes, makes you feel like you are in a dream.


This is my favorite song of 2017 so far:



Just came across this upbeat album called Bird World and had to share with the rest of ya.


Bumping this thread again for this great track I just found


I just found Sa-Roc. She’s a career female rapper.
Really smooth cadence and lyrics :clap:t5::ok_hand:t5:



I recommended this because it’s fresh!!


Here is my favorite neoclassial music, not very fresh, but I like it:wink:


A very nice and upbeat album.