Share you music recommendations


Here’s a little something classical but still modern

One of my favourites for thinking music. I recommend checking the album out cause its musical bliss.


Ill take any chance i can get to rep Allen Stone. Just some solid r&b/soul


Hell Yes. This sorta mountain man ass music is the real heaviest thing out there.


For Productivity: Hacknet OST

For Pleasure: ATCQ’s latest album (really need to listen to the new Kendrick)

For Chilling: Solange, Noname, or Syd’s latest albums

Fave Videogame nostalgia stuff - Tyrian OST

All of em are on Youtube, so check em out!!


MJC is one of my favorite producers, really love how haunting this track is


Found my favorite thread on the forums. Probably just gonna lurk mostly but I kind of feel obligated to share SOMETHING at least so I’ll drop this in here:


this track came across my spotify discover mix a couple days ago and i’ve been listening to it a lot. it makes me feel v sad, i love it


Since i started this topic i feel like i need to leave a recommendation. So i am going to recommend my absolute favorite song of all time called 747 by a Swedish group called Kent. The good version is in swedish but they also made an english version which is kind of bad because his english is a bit of i think but i am going to link the english one anyways. It’s long (actually 7.47 minutes)


One of my favourite albums of 2016 was Celebrating Digital Artefacts by Dante Mars Ajeto! I can’t find a youtube video that has specific tracks but here is one with the whole album if you would like to check it out.




I am really into PUP at the moment.


how bout some “amateur space jazz”


legowelt rules, i wish he’d do more memphis rap stuff



This is a Lil Shameless but I spend most of my free time making mashups so I mostly listen to a whole lot of stuff like this


PUP is SO GOOD, and put on the most fun shows. Their video for DVP would probably fit here


Swet Shop Boys is probably my favorite current group. They concist of Himanshu Suri, formerly of Das Racist, from Queens, Riz Ahmed a rapper/actor from Wembly and London-based producer Redinho. If you want “war on terror” commentary paired with luscious beats that sample Bollywood, Swet Shop Boys is where it’s at.


I dig it! definitely checking these guys out.


I really like car seat headrest, their newest album is Teens of Denial but this one (Twin Fantasy) is my favorite and a good starting point.