Share you music recommendations


And this is, probably, my favorite mashup around


John Carpenter has a couple of albums out, for anyone who is a fan of his movie themes.


i’m on a huge arca/post-club kick right now


Twin Fantasy is fucking GOOOOOD. It’s been to see him blow up (in relative terms) over the last year or two but this is also still my favourite thing he’s done, it’s undeniable.


I learned about Porter Robinson about a year or so again. And oh god, I haven’t been able to stop listening to Worlds and the Remix album!


yesssss the new Arca record rules—sorta in that realm the new Lao EP is also v sick


I’m bad with genres, but I guess this is shoegaze-y alternative rock. I’ve been digging it recently!


There’s been a ton of great new music so far this year but if I’m picking one thing it’s the new

Here’s the full album on Spotify, if you use that.


Why?'s album Eskimo Snow is an all time favorite of mine. I think I have listened to it all the way through at least once a week for like 5 years.


I just started listening to Igorrr a few weeks ago. It’s orchestral/breakbeat/metal? Feels like venetian snares with slightly less open hostility.


happy italo tuesday everyone


I wouldn’t say the album was an enjoyable listen, but it is deeply affecting.


The world needs so much more Buke and Gase.


Haven’t stopped listening to this gorgeous interpretation of the classic A Link To The Past OST since it appeared last month.


been all about the hotelier lately, up on that good good emo revival

whole album is really a beautiful thing that also embarrasses me slightly in certain moods, as all good emo should


If you like Emo like I do, you should propably listen to the newest record by Soroity Noise: “You are not as __ as you think”. One of the best emo stuff i´ve head in a while. And the video to the new single is breathtakingly beautiful.


my favourite album of all time :cry::heart_eyes_cat: amazing sound and i absolutely love the worldbuilding and story

also, a song that came out of nowhere for me late last year but i still havent been able to stop coming back to (whole ep is great but this song is my personal fav)


Hirini Melbourne’s album Toiapiapi, re-released last year on its 25th anniversary and honestly it’s so good, Nick Drake-style folk music drawing on taonga puoro and traditional Māori waiata, very chill and nice


If you’re into really weird, progressive, and sometimes indulgent, rock, listen to Mars Volta, they make some great stuff, like this song off their 4th album (and my personal favorite) The Bedlam in Goliath:


Also, the Avalanches make stunning music and the title track from their first album is so upbeat and fun: