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Y’all seriously missing out if you aren’t listening to Sylvan Esso already. They just came out with a new album and it is pretty good.


Kilo Kish makes some pretty awesome stuff. Across in probably my favorite thing she’s put out, very hypnotic and beautiful.

Les Rallizes Denudes were an underground Japanese noise rock group that were decades ahead of their time. They are sort relevant to Waypoint because I found out about them because their music is used in the soundtrack for the game Space Funeral.

Basically all of Ben Frost’s stuff is great. He mostly does really good ambient electronic music, but he also made an album called A U R O R A which is intense.

If that did anything for you definitely go listen to the whole album. The final song on there is mindblowing, but I feel like you need to hear the whole album for it to be properly setup.

King Woman is also very good.

Finally Mount Eerie / The Microphones are amazing I’m not going to post links because I’ve already put way to many songs in this post, but everyone should go and listen to The Glow Pt 2, Mount Eerie (the album) and basically all of the back catalog of Mount Eerie (the band). Once that is done listen to A Crow Looked at Me and have your heart ripped out.


Oh man, I just found out about this today. I’m so very excited to listen to it.


Hey, what’s the “DAMN.” font…

for a friend.



I’m gonna get on that go listen to PWR BTTM train! Also, they’re currently touring and tickets really cheap.

My favorite band of all time is a folk band called Brown Bird they were superb and have some of the most heart breaking music I’ve heard.



This was made using Georgia but I can’t confirm if that’s the actual font used for the album art or if it just looks close


Just a really groovy instrumental Japanese city pop song.

This is the only video of it on YouTube and it has 822 views so if you don’t click this song here, you’re not likely to come across it.


Lately I’ve been fascinated by Tristan Perich’s work, particularly “1-Bit Symphony,” a device housed inside a Jewel Case that “performs” a symphony written in assembly code. A lot of Steve Reich influence going on here, that intersection of “phased minimalism” and video game music has always grabbed me.

You can buy the device here:


this is the best post-hardcore album i’ve ever heard, need to get the vinyl that dropped last year asap


Please listen to the Mountain Goats. Just…please. This is a good song to listen to them, but they’re a band where everyone has their starting point and takes a different journey through their music.


Considered coming back to post that song earlier today. The oddly soothing Tallahassee is still one of my favorite Mountain Goats albums to this day.


Ohhhh this is so good. I’ve been craving stuff like this lately. There’s something about groovy, crystalline pop from the 80s that I can’t resist.

Here are two similar songs, though they were released 27 years apart:

Scritti Politti - Absolute [1985]

Ice Choir - A Vision of Hell, 1996 [2012]


I’ve been a big fan of the Drive-By Truckers for a long time now, but I think the album they released last year might be their best.


There’s a lack of ska in this thread

Their lead singer/guitarist also does acoustic versions of their song that are really good


I would not be doing my patriotic duty without extolling the beautiful sound of The Tragically Hip


The animator for that With Any Sort oo Certainty video also did the art for Night in the Woods!


This is probably my favorite song, and ended up inspiring my tattoo

This one is good and fun and also good as well.

And these are some of the best mashups around. He’s mashed up the biggest pop songs for each year since 2008, he just did a 2016 one but… I don’t recognize any of those songs yet so it isn’t as good or iconic as the others


arca puts me in such a weird mood, i almost don’t like it. but i always come back