Share you music recommendations


Also, any barftroop / babeo baggins fans out there?


I firmly believe Bartender is the best song ever written. Albumwise I’ve had Jeff Rosenstock’s WORRY. on repeat lately because I love some sad sad boys.


i actually disassociated the first time i listened to Entranas lmao


current earworm


I’m really into the band Slothrust. Their newest album has a song on it called ‘Surf Goth’ which I think is a pretty good description of their sound.

Also, the artist Christian Cummings makes music. Here’s a song off his album Slavebation.

It’s ‘art rock’, which is to say uh… ‘not for everyone’.


Like an old window
I need a little shade
Like an old tomcat
Lord I love to parade
Like a broken old man
Lord I need sun


I’m curious about your tattoo now. Mind providing a picture or description?


I just discovered Brendan Maclean, been listening to his most recent album, funbang1


I like both sides of this, but I honestly couldn’t say whether they belong together. Definitely going to seek out some more.


Here it iiiss… I put it behind a spoiler in case upper bodies are not kosher here


I literally can’t stop listening to “Ryd” and “Some”.


Been reading the Sci-fi book Death’s End and wanted some fitting music and Oh Boy does Roly Porter do the trick.

The pulsating collapse that begins 01:18 is such a satisfying loop of sound. Very much like the last track of the Limbo soundtrack, Gravity Jump, except here it is turned up 11.


I really like Slowdive’s new album, especially this song.


Thanks for these! Can’t wait to listen :slight_smile:


The new Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker EP is noisey, rough and super great! It only came out yesterday, so I don’t know how known it is.


I can merely echo this. In my limited time for music listening these days, FI are my most played. Grabbed tickets for the Brixton gig in November and unbelievably excited already. I mean this guy is committed:


I don’t know how to categorise Cardiacs, but it’s a little punky, a little proggy, even, always a little weird, sometimes a little ska once in a while. Quite harmonically complex but with tuneful pop melodies at its heart. And it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Here, have three examples because I’m not sure which bits of their personality to showcase first.

Discovered these a few years back and was amazed it took that long.


New Cornelius!


I’m in loooove with the new Perfume Genius album at the moment, here’s a track from it:


The new LCD Soundsystem (!!!) tracks are dope as hell.

american dream:

call the police: