Share you music recommendations


One of my all time favourite live-TV music performances, kinda wish the studio version of Seasons had some of the wilder vocal bits that this does.


a week until the Adult Mom album is out, so time to listen to this song on repeat!!


Turns out the dude with the best twitter in the world is also an extremely good rapper:
(there was a video here, but it apparently doesn’t work embedded so instead go listen on his Bandcamp or VICE has his first album available for streaming here if you’re into that)


I have no idea why this band isn’t more well known:


the rest of their stuff is a bit too electronica for my tastes (maybe not for your tastes though) but I am very into this Caravan Palace track right now. also, it’s a cool video.

Fair waning though there’s some fairly extreme if stylized animated viscera and also an anthropomorphic impala exotic dancing so maybe not at work so much, yeah?

Also i would be remiss if I didn’t rep my single favourite solo artist and band respectively so here is a broad sampling of:
Regina Spektor


Also Also:
One last thing, while I have you here:

if you haven’t already, I insist that you carve out an hour of your time to allow Mouth Sounds to wash over you you can decide from there whether you wish to experience Mouth Silence and Mouth Moods I promise you your life will be forever changed.


I hope folks will forgive my ulterior motives with this recommendation (my sister is actually this artist’s manager) but I genuinely think she’s onto something really special here. The artist is called Aeora, she’s sort of dark electro indie pop I guess? Anyway, her latest single ‘Boss-Y’ is f***ing phenomenal.


Blood Orange is always good; Freetown Sound blew me away last year


This is a fantastic thread and you all have impeccable taste. There’s a ton here that I want to come back to! :slight_smile:

Me, I’m really looking forward to Jason Isbell’s new album with the 400 Unit. “Hope the High Road” is a great single.


Oh man this is excellent. Getting such a lush sound out of such a limited set of tools is amazing.

Also I hadn’t heard the term phased minimalism before but now that I have I’ve realized how vital phasing is to a ton of my favorite music, I really need to start reading up on music theory.


+1 for Blood Orange. I feel like he’s way underappreciated. Best to You is my favorite track off Freetown Sound. :heart_eyes:


So a small swedish band (they sing in both swedish and english) called Junodef recently released their album/ep (don’t really know what qualifies as a album and what qualifies as an ep) and it’s really dark and moody in a way that i really like. You should really check it out and say what you think about it.


I really like the way this song feels in my ears when I’m wearing headphones. The tactile sensation of it in my earholes feels good.


fuck i haven’t stopped listening to this all day! thank you a ton for the link
reminds me of DJ Clap a.k.a. johnlukeirl


I love me some dark pop, and Zola Jesus just announced a new album with what seems like a return to form to her Stridulum EP :smiley:


The Warrior single/album by Niteppl

The titular song, Warrior, stood out among the less interesting background noise on my Discover Weekly list. Worth a share, I thought. Am I right in thinking it all sounds '80s?

Here’s a YouTube video as well:

And this is the one I found to be '80s(?)


cannot stop listening to this song the last few days, Awful Records did it again


I’m listening to a mix of new stuff and things I missed from 2016 that I didn’t get round to listening to.


since it’s E3 season, i was reminded of my E3 Hype Track and i think more people need to know about Tommy February6

and here’s the version of the song that is the Official National Anthem Of E3 (And Of All Gaming)


Been listening to some more Danny Brown

Run The Jewels

And Keigo Oyamada’s recent releases


Last year, at Bethesda’s E3 press conference, there was a trailer for Dishonored 2 with this song:

That’s a song from Fleetwood Mac, covered by Julia Holter and mixed(?) by Copilot.
It stood out to me and prompted me to look up Julia Holter. Turns out she makes good music. Ever since then I’ve listened to one of her albums many times over. Give it a listen, please?

Edit: I can’t exactly figure out how these Spotify links work. I’m using the Spotify web player myself and clicking the first link doesn’t just play the song, but instead it brings me to the whole Dishonored 2 OST. It’s worth the extra effort though!
Edit 2: fixed it? - It’s very late, alright…?