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Julia Holter’s great, she’s been one of my favourite female solo artists for a while now. Saw her live when she was on tour for HYIMW, Loud City Song and Ekstasis are also fab albums


I’ve been listening to a lot more TV on the Radio recently. Young Liars and Happy Idiot have to be my favorite tracks from them at the moment.


Huh a Fleetwood Mac cover for a videogame trailer was not the context I was expecting to see Julia Holter show up in this thread.

I’m really digging it though. It’s fun to hear her doing something a bit more poppy than her usual stuff, now that I’ve heard this I kinda want Julia Holter to just cover all of Rumors or Tusk.

If you haven’t dug into her older stuff it’s definitely worth a look. I listened to an absolute ton of Loud City Song back in the day, which is extremely good. I really need to revisit Ekstasis and Tragedy as well.


Just bought this album thanks to the recommendation thread here. Some good stuff!


TV On The Radio are real good.

There’s a South African band I like called BLK JKS that I think is similar in some ways. I found out about them, weirdly enough, because they had a track in FIFA 10, and I heard this song when some friends were playing the game in the other room and was like “shit that’s good”. Had to look them up immedately afterwards.

@jaguar have you listened to The Brilliant Green? It’s Tomoko Kawase’s band she formed before she did the Tommy February stuff and I think they’re pretty solid. Sadly I think they’re only on Spotify in Japan, so it’s kinda been hard for me to find their music.


i did know about them but they’re not nearly as interesting to me as her pop persona? i feel like Tommy February6 is her absolute pure wish-fulfilment work and it’s hard to top that


Do Make Say Think - A Tender History in Rust

I love this song, and I love this band. So much emotion expressed in a simple song. Just makes me think of late August days, sitting outside reflecting on the summer that just went by while dreading the upcoming school year.


I came in here to post Igorrr since I also just found out about them and I find their latest album fascinating.

So, here’s another vid from them.


Forth Wanderers - Slop

Just got into these dudes a couple of days ago (following Austin’s tweet about 'em). So, so good.
Pissed I missed them and Sorority Noise when they came through town a few weeks ago.


just heard this yesterday, its so exciting to me to hear people experiment with time signatures while retaining a pop sensibility


Found this lofi hiphop 24/7 streaming channel on YouTube that’s great for just having running in the background, been listening to a lot of it while working on the gamejam :slight_smile:


Been listening to this channel for about half a year now, it’s great! There’s a Spotify playlist that keeps all/most of the tracks they put in the station too.

Here’s a different Spotify Playlist if you want more.


The new Boris album is streaming on NPR first listen and is extremely good.

NPR also has new Shabazz Palaces, Waxahatchee and Sheer Mag which are probably good as well, although I haven’t found the time to give them a proper listen yet.

I also liked the new Algiers album a lot.


Okay, I’ve been listening to this album and it’s kinda amazing? It’s a continuous mix type album…with club jams from like the 90s.


I saw PUP and Allen Stone in this list so I’m happy.

I know a lot of people have heard of them but for those that haven’t:

It’s like… what dreams sound like.




Oh, can’t watch that video from here, but I’ve recently discovered Beach House and yeah the atmosphere of their songs is real good! Have yet to listen to their previous discography, but Cherry Depression has some really good songs.

I’m so glad Twin Peaks sent me to Julee Cruise, the Cocteau Twins (!!!), and more broadly, to the Dream Pop genre. I didn’t know I needed it so much in my life. It really is what dreams are made of…

Have some Cherry-Coloured Funk, everyone.


I love Beach House too. Somewhere in between where they’re at now and when they used to be full-on garage I think is their best stuff. Maybe you’ll like some of this.

Try out some very beach-flavored tunes from Beach Fossils:

Some space-flavored jams from Wild Nothing:

Some dream-pop-flavored scruffles from Deerhunter:

And a spoonful of atmosphere from Braids, because why not:

Been listening to a lot of Preoccupations, this post-punk gang out of Calgary:


Thanks for those recs! Good stuff, quite enjoying Wild Nothing already.