Share you music recommendations


I like the song but the video makes me kinda sick, honestly.


One of my favorite bands of all time.


lately i’ve been getting into a ton of new-wave 80s pop and this Echo and the Bunnymen album has been surprisingly good


I feel you, in June I had this song playing constantly. It’s funny cause it’s kinda a guilty pleasure because part of my brain tells me it’s actually p bad and these guys are obviously mad corny. But I still love it anyways.


Luv this album and their last one, not sure I “get” the video, too distracted by the aspect ratio maybe, I mean what AR is that even? Dope song tho.


hey, there’s nothing bad or corny about how impressive the stop-time is in the production of that track. shit is immaculate


Yeah, you’re right, I should have been more specific, the production is immaculate, but just like with Slugga, who’s work I also sometimes like a lot, the white dude in that group’s voice and face and general style are just kinda corny and a lil cringeworthy. But yeah, luv the production on that track and it is certainly catchy as fuck.


Current jam


remembered of one of my favourite youtube musicians today. this dude Kiryu Ogawa does chiptune/Miku covers of new-wave bangers and some older pop songs too, they’re a ton of fun


Saw these guys earlier this year when they opened up for Green Day and been listening to them a lot since. Such energetic, genuine ska tunes :slight_smile:


I’ve been diggin on these albums/tracks lately. Especially while working on my cyberpunk game/book. They’re not all tonally consistent with what I’m doing, but I like all of it.

Trevor Something - Death Dream

Trevor Something - Trevor Something Does Not Exist

Trevor Something - Synthetic Love

CONFRONTATIONAL - A Dance of Shadows

Zak Belica ft. Sarah Ravenscroft - What’s The World Come To

The NeoTokyo OST

Purity Ring - begin again (HEALTH remix)

Purity Ring - Asido

Timecop1983 - Journeys

Miss Kittin - Dub About Me

The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points (feat. Swan)

Com Truise - In Decay

Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe

Waveshaper - Station Nova

edit: I have no idea how I compiled this list without putting any Perturbator on it.


“Hi I’m Case” an indie artist I’ve known and followed for years just released a Very good album and I’ve been waiting for it to drop forever so I could show and tell! Great indie pop/rock jams with meaningful relatable lyrics, they really poured their soul into this you guys.

Bandcamp: “Self i Can’t Keep is an album about gender dysphoria, and how many unspoken problems that manifest the longer you take to confront it.”

Please give some tracks a listen if anything I’ve written here interests you.


Sheer Mag’s compilation album is one of my favorite albums ever and their second album is really good too! Heartily endorsing Sheer Mag.

im seeing them tomorrow night im so psyched


Nice! I’m jealous. They were pretty close to my area recently, but they were still about an hour and a half away which I couldn’t quite justify on a weeknight.

On an unrelated note the new King Krule album is extremely good.


Yes, both Lost Themes I & II are excellent and highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of his film scores, or electronic music in general.

Almost makes up for him not directing a good film for over twenty years.


A secret wish is a synthpop hidden jem


I’ve been trying real hard to enjoy the newest Destroyer album (which really ain’t thaaaaaaat hard to do), but every time I put it on, I keep being overcome with the urge to put on Streethawk: a Seduction instead.

Come to think of it, similar thing happens whenever I attempt to listen to the new Wolf Parade (which is also pretty okay!), so maybe I’m just too over the hill to truly hear new music by old faves? Does this happen to anyone else?


I’m always looking for punk reccs so if anyone has some please send them my way.

Perfect Pussy and Iceage have been favorites of mine recently.


I don’t know how to embed youtube videos in here, can somebody tell me by chance?


there’s actually a really great punk music thread over here: Nazi Punks Fuck Off! A Punk Music Thread