Share your art! (Image Intensive)


I’d love to have a place for people to show off what they make! Whether it’s drawings, music, writing, or anything else, be proud and post it here. Also post links to your social medias or websites where you post your work if you want. I hope I get to see what everyone makes!


I’ll go first! This was a quick Twitter icon I drew of myself in the Persona 5 style since that’s mostly what I’ve been playing. Hope you guys like it!


it’s gone on an indefinite hiatus, because animation is monstrously time consuming, but for a stretch my brother and I were doing cartoons and other videos on a semi regular basis, all the art and the better looking animation is him, the writing is mostly me and we split the voice work. here’s a playlist of the stuff I am least embarrassed of Here’s a playlist of the stuff I am least embarassed of


As someone who works as a professional animator, I understand completely haha. It’s extremely hard to do animation just for yourself because of how much work it is


yeah, and somehow nobody ever kicked down our door to offer us that good good Homestar Runner/ Quit your Job money. what a world.


Another one


These are terrific


i write and teach poems for a living. here’s a recent one i’m still working on.


I don’t draw as much as I’d like bc of chronic back and arm pain but here is a warm up doodle I did of my friend Alex. My art Twitter is @solarbby where I mostly rt artists I like but also post pages from my sketchbooks


Just some work doodles. I dropped out of art school because all I do is doodle, and I’m a better writer than artist. These aren’t my best pieces, though. I don’t have any more of my art because after my mom passed away, and I dropped out of school, I destroyed all of my work. Now I just doodle at work.


Someone commissioned me not too long ago to do a full-color rendering of his Dwarf berserker, and it turned into one of the most involved pieces I’ve done to date. Designing a town built into a mountain was a lot of fun.


Hi! Thanks for starting this thread. I’m loving the work so far and can’t wait to see more!

I posted some other photographs in the Photography thread, but I figured I’d duck in here and say hi and share some of my photos from the book I’m in the middle of pulling together.


Wow this is all so great! Thank you guys for sharing


A while back, I started a series of Disney Princess/Pro Wrestling mashup illustrations. Around WrestleMania weekend this year, I did a new one, putting Moana in The Rock’s original duds.

Right now, I’m working on a bunch of dumb-joke old school tattoo designs that I might make into stickers or patches to sell on my Etsy shop.


Hi guys! I know I’m not the only artist/designer/whatever on here, so let’s share our work! I’m more of a digital designer than a true artist, but the line there is blurry and, really, who gives a shit. I made these two wallpapers recently, plan to do many more based on the DC Animated Universe (Batman the Animated Series, Justice League, etc.)


Ok. So I’ve been doing a lot of photoshop work for the podcast I co-host. If you can excuse some of the promotional nature of these pictures, I’m very proud of how silly I was able to make these. :slight_smile:


@Mikesta I love me some cool framing. Also dig the use of lighting! :slight_smile:


Thanks bro. I can’t stop staring at that goat. I want so badly to pet it.


Hi everyone!

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Because of the potential that this thread may be image intensive, please be a little mindful of how many pieces of art you share for data capped users! If you have more, perhaps linking to a portfolio would be warranted to showcase the rest!

Thanks, everyone! Can’t wait to see what everyone has offer!


The last two doodles I did: