Share your art! (Image Intensive)


Damn, those are great. I can do some little animal doodles and not much else when it comes to hand drawing.


Been messing with 3D a lot lately!


Slightly Nsfw. (It’s a few Dick Butts I drew)


Figure I’ll put up another D&D commission! This was a guy’s gift to his wife, both characters she played in campaigns he ran. So sweet and a real joy to work on.


I like these doodles quite a bit! So expressive!


I mostly just goof around with digital painting or pixel art


Here’s the art I’ve done that’s most relevant to Waypoint.

Spookin’ with Scoops was pretty great huh? :grin:

I have 3 or 4 more old Spookin’ ones, if you want to see them:


Hey, I dig this one. Love the painted look to this and how it kind of transforms the further away you get from the screen. Kudos, yo!


Thanks! I did it entirely by accident but don’t tell anyone


I’ve got a work-in-progress wallpaper

I plan to have the card lit on fire, with the glow reflecting on joker’s face. much of the right side will be obscured in shadow

but for now he’s just the joker. you know.


It’s Mermay, which means everyone’s drawing mermaids! So I drew one too. Also, forgot to say that my twitter is @JDavidsen


I did the sketch, my friend transcribed it into vector, and we colored together.


Really glad to see some writers posted their work on here too! I make fancy handwritten stories as well as collections of artifacts from the past on my patreon: Forgotten Folios


Heyo! I mentioned it in the hobby thread but I’m do a bit of amateur digital artwork. One of my works is even going to be featured in the Nice Guts! zine, which makes me feel really good! A few selections (I had to convert to jpgs since my image sizes were too big to upload)

I also practice doing amateur glitch art, mostly on PC-98 mecha games, heavily inspired by dataerase’s excellent art:


I work mainly within the realm of experimental film and video work. Non-narrative digital video collages is the best way to describe what I do at this point.


I draw, paint, and sculpt, but I’m trying to get back into digital illustration after going full traditional in college. Here’s my portfolio site:


This is a few years old-- I didn’t build the table from scratch, but I painted it and added the illustrations.


Woo! Been wanting to share. Here’s 3 I’m pretty proud of.

Acrylic on panel
48" x 48"

Something from a sketchbook

And my friend sitting on my car

And now that it’s summer I can get back to drawing bad sci-fi and superheroes.


This is the crossover I didn’t know I wanted


So I paint, and also used to be an apprentice to tattoo, here’s a cross section of my body of work from both mediums. Tattoo flash is india ink on Arches. Painting is acrylic on canvas.