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We’ve got similar share threads but I felt another one was necessary because comedy/comedy writing has a different audience. Guidelines are pretty broad. Blog posts, comedic writing, stand up videos, sketch video, tweets, whatever. If you’re aiming for a chuckle, it can belong.

Anyway, naked self promotion.

My website or blog or whatever you want to call it.
Content warning for being exceedingly dark at time. Mostly due to death and politics.


(cw: drugs)


Some tweets I was proud of:

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My friend and I made a short comic collection earlier this year. The stories are mostly silly but also have monsters in them because my friend draws dang good monsters :grin:

There are a few preview pages you can take a look at on Gumroad. Don’t really have the whole thing available online for free, but just shoot me a message if you’re interested and I’ll send the pdf to you directly.

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my award winning posts are on this website already, thanks


I actually have a stand-up routine on my computer somewhere… wondering if I should post it…


Ok sure. Gimme a minute.

Starts applying white pancake makeup


Obvious adult content warning. Also a joke at the expense of how adult productions often refer to African American women, if that stuff bothers you