Share your coolest game box art


Finding cool box arts makes me extremely happy, and I want to share some good ones I discovered not long ago. It’s a little long but I figured some of you would appreciate it :

They all come from adventure series Tantei Jinguji Saburo, also known as Jake Hunter, of which we only got a DS game that was a compilation of the first famicom games. If I’m not mistaken, all the covers were done by Katsuya Terada, who is an incredible artist and is still making illustrations for the series that is now 30 years old !

This one is from the first game in the series subtitled Shinjuku Central Park Murder Mystery and it’s already incredibly stylish for a first cover, with that cool retro look now.

This one is subtitled A Dangerous Duo and is a two part game. I love the contrast between each.

Here’s a cover of the PS2 game Kind of Blue, still sporting some cool artwork. Also as shown in the cover, Jake’s secretary Yulia Marks is gaining more prominence in every installment, which is a very pleasing evolution of the franchise.

and here’s the cover of the last Jake Hunter game that is very different from the previous ones but also very stylish ! It’s going to be released in a few months, making it the second game to be released in the west.


I haven’t been thoroughly impressed seeing a box art for a long time, what are yours that really made you go “wow” ?


Probably wouldn’t have gotten Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age this soon if I hadn’t found that gorgeous steelbook edition in a store(lucky too, sold out in most places I’d been):

Xenoblade Chronicles also has this absolutely iconic shot:

And Nier Automata’s got another belter of a cover that makes me eternally long for a steelbook copy:

I’ll stop for now, but good box art is by far the main reason I still get physical copies of games.

Sidenote: I really like Steelbooks, though I get the impression that they’re viewed as tat by a lot of folks. But I’m a sucker for nice, somewhat heavy, expensive looking boxes with lovely art.


An easy fan-favourite pick would be the ICO boxart:

Painted by Fumito Ueda himself and inspired by The Nostalgia of the Infinite by Giorgio de Chirico.


Other strong candidates are the famous DOOM box art John Romero recently revealed a tidbit about:

Its 2016 wraparound homage ain’t too shabby either!

id Software had a good thing going back then in general, just look at this Quake box art!


Then there is most of Psygnosis’ early output which was a whole lot of crazy space art pieces.


The wonderful Panzer Dragoon box art by legendary comics artist Mœbius:


The Wasteland cover art by Barry E. Jackson:


I’m afraid I could go on and on so instead I’ll add one last box art as a funny bonus:



Love me some game cover art.

To start, the PS2 Metal Gear Solid Essential Collection is one of my most prized collections, simply because it came with Yoji Shinkawa versions of the box art, like this one of MGS1:

Katamari Damacy’s absurdity and charm is quickly apparent in its box art, another favorite of mine:

And Gravity Rush, besides being one of my favorite game series of all time, also has an amazing aesthetic that lends itself to beautiful box art:

Honorable mention: the Japanese Dark Souls box art. Honestly Japan always gets the better box art.

Look at that! Look at how effortlessly it displays the mood of the game through its lighting and the placement of the bonfire! You look at that and you’re like “yup, that’s Dark Souls.” Instead we got “blue and orange box art #452.”



Illusion City

G2: Master of the Dark Communion

The Guardian Legend

(Again with just the art)


Phalanx only has the best piece of video game box art of all time.



Resident Evil 4 (European Region) - so evocative! Not really representative of the game, but man, it looks great.

Sleeping Dogs - GTA covers are cool, too, but what if they ALSO had good characters that I cared about?

Diablo III - it’s just so slick and menacing.

Invisible Inc - great cyberpunk signaling AND the in-game art style holds up.

And I don’t know if this counts, exactly, since it’s for the official soundtrack, but it’s a digital game, and it’s the “cover art” image I most associate with it - Transistor:


This one and the Bastion one of the Kid with headphones are great!


I had a friend tell me “Do you know about 4 Resident Evil ?” and I was like “what which one”, he said “you know, 4 Resident Evil” and this conversation dragged for a long time and I gave him a lot of flack for this not knowing why he said that until I dusted off my games and found myself in front of that box art screaming “WHY DID THEY PUT 4 BEFORE THE NAME”

i apologized five years later


I’m not sure if it was just a regional boxart for Europe, but the immediate violence in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s boxart is a lot. It works for that game, but I remember looking at it and being shocked that a game company could put that on a box.


To help prove your point, here’s a photo I took at a GameStop last year:



The NA/JP art for BotW really captured the spirit of the game

Also, there’s plenty to like about Oxenfree’s art style


This is the NA box art as well! It really gets the “Cut and Take” point across, haha.


When I think of physical games I think mostly of my fairly extensive gamecube library I acquired over the years, and a really obvious standout for me is the GC cover for Viewtiful Joe!

It was also available in yellow but that’s nowhere near as iconic as that beautiful pink. It also looks so much better than the PS2 copy.

(Embed doesn’t seem to have worked from my phone, will edit when I get home)


In my restless dreams, I see this face.



Sega Genesis had some great ones



A couple of favorites.


speaking of akihiko yoshida, the sfc boxart for tactics ogre: let us cling together is beautiful


and uhhh does this count