Share your coolest game box art


The cover was all shiny too.




Ohh that Hyper Light Drifter box is glorious. I wish I’d had the money to spring for that


.Hack Infection really stood out on store shelves with Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s character art over a white background.


Have always been a sucker for most Final Fantasy designs, but particularly like Akihiko Yoshida’s vision and most things pertaining to Ivalice:

I also wish I liked Valkyria Chronicles as much as I like the art and look of the PS4 steelbook edition:


No Psygnosis games at all yet? Most of them didn’t play all that well, even for the time, but they certainly had some amazing cover art.

CyberJudas certainly looks like it’s from the mid 90’s (and it is), but I think it conveys pretty well what the game is about. And the title is fantastic.


Yep, reminded me of this Mega64 video:


Resistance 3, didn’t even play it. But I wish more box art was like this. Created by Olly Moss.

(That said: It could REALLY do without all the banners and logos -_- )


Resistance 3 was so good. 1 and 2 were kind of meh, but 3rd was great.


Some more from Silmarils

Storm Master

Ishar Legend of the Fortress

Ishar 3 The Seven Gates of Infinity

(Sword of) Vermilion

Celnov Atomic Runner

EGG Elemental Gimmick Gear

Steel Empire (or Empire of Steel)

Clock Tower The First Fear

I think the same thing of the cover for Nocturne

In a kind of reversal the American box art is more atmospheric than this one other countries got


I mentioned them! Just posted a link because I already had too many.


Some classics:


I like the Alpha Protocol box art solely for the fact of how “2000’s Spy Thriller Movie” it looks.


(vaguely nsfw)