Share your current jams here!


Post whatever you’ve been listening to here!

Personally my current jams are:

Grimes - ReaLiTi

And Kelela - Take me apart ( There’s no official video for this song u can look it up on spotify/other streaming apps. SORRY)




Yeah I just found another version on youtube!
This sounds like something out of Daria’s soundtrack. Just grunge-era Seattle vibes.


I am so into this band right now.


Mitski is such a kickass singer, love her style.


Seeing Cults tonight for the first time. Pretty stoked!


Look at yall faux punk ripped jeans red flannel dyed haired people!!!
YES GOD I’m so into this I would’ve listened to this on repeat 2 years ago when I was going through that phase skskskdsk
I actually might buy this song this got me interested :smile::smile::smile:


Oh I love a powerful vocalist!!! I stan also this is the second time someone sent me a Mitski song on this topic sdkldsklsdlk yall like alternative music and i can’t not support that


If Scot-LGBT-Punk doesn’t interest you, then listen to this and realise how wrong you were.

Spook School - Binary


Oh this song is good. This is like a sad night alone in you’re room smoking by the window while this is blaring in the speakers at 2 am and your neighbours are PISSED!!! but youre going through it :sob:


goddd this gives me such a FLCL vibe ughhhh this is making me feel nostalgic


I heard Mitski on Song Exploder and have been meaning to get into her stuff since, and you’ve just reminded me of her, thank you!


This is for all you cybergoth geeks that desperately need to get your blood boiling



Shout out to @2Mello because I’ve been listening almost exclusively to this for a week now




This reminds me so much of push the tempo by fatboy slim IM SCREAMINGGG



Really into this Geotic track I found on the Nidhogg II soundtrack

Actually both Nidhogg soundtracks are really cool, and feature a lot of music from LA Beats producers like Baths, Deadelus etc.

Also getting into Open Mike Eagle in a big way these days

And very very angry with myself for not getting tickets to see either of these guys in London this month :persevere: