Share Your Desktop (Image Intensive)


Share your desktops here. I always enjoy seeing how people are set up; do aesthetics matter to you, do you operate on cold efficiency, etc.


A classic thread! :thumbsup:

Here’s my current setup.


i’ve got some cleaning up to do :disappointed_relieved:


I totally didn’t move all the porn off my desktop before taking this screen grab. I actually keep my desktop this neat. Yes sir.


I have been using the default Windows 7 collection for years, but my buddy has a 4K version of this shot of Pluto as his wallpaper and it’s honestly the best possible use of a 4K display.


I don’t keep icons on the desktop, so showing my start menu’s probably more useful. Also, I never see my wallpaper, so I just take patterns from subtlepatterns and color it red :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Didn’t know about this subtlepatterns thing, but it looks good in there. Currently browsing.


Sorry, is there any reason you put your taskbar on top? I think I’d lose my mind


I’ve been slowly rotating through a series of backgrounds from Steven Universe, but I don’t honestly see it very often because I generally keep everything fullscreen and just switch workspaces.


I have a cycling folder of about 50 No Man’s Sky screenshots. This is the one up at the moment.


The background cycles between these Zelda screenshots.


I like how maximized windows will stretch all the way to the edge of the screen this way (instead of being sandwiched between the taskbar at the bottom and the title bar up top, if that makes sense). Also, saves me mouse movement since all taskbar and title bar buttons and tabs are close together.


I haven’t used the desktop for shortcuts in about… 10 years? Start menu/taskbar/search is my jam.


I keep Chrome open on my computer for days at a time and navigate out of Alfred/Finder/the Dock most of the time, so I haven’t actually looked at my desktop in a whi–

oh god, i’m so sorry


That… makes complete sense. Shit I might have to give that a shot



I’m a big fan of “new.jpg”.


Haha, go for it! I tried it on a whim one time a lot of years ago and never went back.


I go back and forth between showing and hiding desktop icons. Liking the clean look lately.


Also, if anyone knows a website with actual lossless wallpapers, I’d love a link. In my teens I spent so many hours browsing through wallpaper sites only to find JPEG artifacts on 99% of files.