Share Your Desktop (Image Intensive)


Current desktop (not current pic because I’m the middle of work and there are tons of images thrown away at random in the desktop atm)

How it works:

Gotta change it though, I’m renewing a lot of stuff before the end of the year.


It’s always like this, I swear. The wallpaper changes occasionally, as I have several I cycle through.


Not very exciting. I have a number of album covers as a wallpaper slideshow, switching every minute. Happened to be Pink Moon when I print screened.


Excited for my upcoming Iceland trip so i put this on my desktop :slight_smile:


Finally switched out of my Firewatch/Kentucky Route Zero wallpaper loop because our Art Director made this rad wallpaper for Beacon. And yes, I have three versions of Unity on my desktop…


Simon Stålenhag is the best


Showing some GNOME love. Dash to Panel, Dynamic Transparency, Papirus Icons, united-gnome GTK theme. wallpaper is artwork for the Chrome Sparks remix of Goodbye to a World. Distro is Antergos.


Current desktop background:

I like simple nature wallpapers, and for some reason I have a preference for frozen landscapes.


I like having a dark background, and the image here is lovely and makes me feel at peace :>


Still using the same wallpaper at home as I was when I last posted, but I spruced things up at work!


Can you link this? I want to add it to my rotation!


You can get a 2560x1440 version here:



Three monitors of varying sizes! All pictures I took myself because I’m a narcissist.


Task bar and dock appear on hover but hiding them allows for fullscreen windows that (imo) look cleaner. Desktop image is by Alena Aenami and widgets (time and date, current Spotify song, and weather) are from Übersicht (red bar is blocking out my location).


To explore strange new worlds…




feeling these



I have a collection of 15 or so space/astronomy-related images cycling currently. Always looking to add more but I’m kinda picky about what to include…