Share Your Desktop (Image Intensive)


Here’s my current one on my laptop. Running Arch with i3-gaps and polybar. I really like the simplicity of it. I’ve got a script going that changes my terminal/bar colours based on the wallpaper, it’s pretty dope.
My gaming PC is just a standard W10 desktop with a picture of a bear on it. It’s not that interesting.


I just changed it this morning, mainly because I finally found an Angela toy on the shelves and she’s sitting in the prime spot on my desk.


I’m definitely into having absolutely nothing on the desktop and also hiding the taskbar. Big shoutout to Kate Welch for the Mad Max art.


I’m really predictable.


I keep removing stuff from my desktop, I almost only search what I need, no more icons!


I generally try to avoid overly busy images when it comes to my desktop, and right now I’m using this nice Persona 5 wallpaper that I found online (can’t remember where I found it though).


I like to keep things clean. To that end I’ve renamed my Recycle Bin to be a space character. Also there’s an option under Settings>Personalization>Taskbar to use small taskbar buttons and it’s the greatest thing since the “flat design” trend.


I like to keep my desktop clean. Right now it’s a photo I took while hiking the trails of Mt. Rainier last year.


I run a pretty minimalist operation. nothing but recycle bin on the desktop and only the essentials in the taskbar. the taskbar is on both displays but set to auto hide. wallpaper is set to a slideshow of a dozen or so Black and White pictures from Shorpy


This has been my background for 10+ years


A really inspiring desktop here.


My image is way too big to upload, so here it is on Imgur.





My setup looks weird because I have a Cintiq “under” both main monitors. I have Takemi on both main and Cintiq monitors though


Another of the clean desktop fans. The only thing I never unlearnt was sometimes dragging things to the trash (on Mac) so I want that Recycle Bin icon hanging around (which has slowly migrated north from the bottom right to the top). 4K desktop downscaled pic because there’s really nothing interesting there that needs a 4K native capture:


This been my set up for the past year since windows 10 come out its hard to make pathing work to get buttons to work i just need to take a day and relearn a bunch of stuff but i’m content for now


I have a Chromebook, so it’s tidy only for lack of anything to clutter it with.


I can’t do a bright desktop. I like a darker room. It might be okay on my laptop which you see here but I can’t adjust brightness on my desktop monitor and I’d probably go blind if I had a white background on that one.