Share Your Desktop (Image Intensive)

I love Life Is Strange and concept arts.


this is mine


lol I do the exact same thing. 4K images from the E3 2016 press kit I believe

I’ve been messing with my desktop a lot lately but here’s what it looks like rn

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It’s been about a year now, but still nothing’s struck me enough to replace my Firewatch Theme

The right monitor cycles through a set of photos I took in game, I also chose the orangey Windows 7 theme to fit the right mood.


God I’ve been using the same desktop background image for like… 6 or 7 years? I mostly used this for work PCs but when I get my first personal PC a few months back I immediately dug up this image to use again.

I did the philosophy/religious studies thing in university so… I think about this painting a lot.


i loved horizon a lot okay

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I like Simpsonwave.


Totally stealing this, this is lovely.

Same here. Firewatch wallpaper + Windows 10 auto detect color theme

I loooooove Simon Stålenhag

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been following him for years and he still posts amazing stuff all the time

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spots Said’s Orientalism
Aw, yissssss.

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So we had an old 32" TV lying about, so I slapped it on my desk and now use it as my monitor. The resolution isn’t great though, so while I have a big screen, I still have limited screen space. I use Fences to organize my desktop and the background is a photo my friend took.

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I’ve blurred out the icons since some of the file names are confidential (and I couldn’t be bothered to blur just the titles of the ones that are) but this is my Laptop Desktop. I took this photograph in Oludeniz, Turkey in 2014:

My Gaming PC (which I don’t take to University) has this picture (well some other crop of it) of Tidus from Final Fantasy X as the desktop background:

these are sick, thanks so much for posting them.

I’ve got a rotation going for my desktop, some of which are pictures of random cities that caught my eye.

the perspective on that stray block will never not bother me.

I was thinking about cleaning it up, but out of context my desktop is way funnier.

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It just too good