Share Your Desktop (Image Intensive)


Y’all make me feel weird having my bar on the side… I wasn’t aware how uncommon it was until now. I’m not gonna grab my laptop and get a screen of it because it’s basically the same, more or less, but this is my image for that.


Sheesh, if I were into Persona I’d be all over those wallpapers.


The UI stuff isn’t interesting enough to take a screenshot, so eh.


I rock the exact same thing on my work computer. Every once and a while I just minimize everything and stare at that good background and chill for a sec


I tend to change mine every few months or so depending on what I’m playing, but I haven’t bothered to change it from Andromeda yet. Tend to default to either a Normandy or Citadel wallpaper., though.


Ditko has been the wallpaper for my tiny Macbook for the past 5 years.


Background is on Slideshow so it changes every 30 minutes.


Don’t worry about it. Rest easy knowing you’re wisely using your screen’s real estate.


Steven Universe <3


gonna hard swerve this thread because I basically live on my phone ;]


Phones are more than welcome, too. :slight_smile:


This is my work computer’s background.


The two screens, two resolutions life.


I’ve long had a fascination with animated dekstops so I’m currently using Wallpaper Engine, which has Steam workshop support. So the accretion disk around Gargantua is spinning and the the Ori woods are blowing around appropriately. It’s pretty rad.

If I close Wallpaper Engine, I have Cygnus approaching the ISS.


“In the grim darkness of the future…”


Always upvote the commercial cargo program.


It goes something like this:


Nothing special just have all the pokemon done in this style from I believe pokemon Diamond gen 4?

No idea who did them and I’ve used em for like shit a decade at this point


Everytime I take a screenshot in Steam it goes to a folder that my desktop cycles through.