Share Your Desktop (Image Intensive)


I cheated a little bit and reorganized my shortcuts, but not that much.

The artwork is a piece by Lexxy Douglass, whose work you can find here.


Currently cycling through a bunch of Manifold Garden wallpapers. They’re very pretty.


I had that exact same image until a few days ago. You have good taste!


This is mine. I try to keep it pretty clean. The picture is from the island where I grew up.
In the top right you can see a text file where I keep my adress because I keep forgetting where I live.


Morrowind is the best.


This changes everything.


hail satan



that EO4 art is really good


I really hate that my monitors aren’t the same size right now. Typically have fullscreen stuff on the left monitor, and I’ll usually have discord/slack/hangouts/other slightly urgent stuff split on the right one. I’ve got a few other wallpapers, mostly from the trip to japan I took last year and other assorted sci-fi/space/minimalist junk.


I just counted 52 icons on my desktop. I think that’s more than this entire thread…

I click on maybe 5 a week.


I had a coworker that would dump everything on his desktop into a folder and archive it somewhere monthly and label them by date. I usually only keep stuff in my actual desktop directory if I’m actively working on it, and then will move it to a more permanent home once I’ve figured out if I’m going to keep working on it or need to save it. Otherwise I just delete everything on there.

Since Windows 10 came out and made the search functionality work almost seamlessly for launching apps/I’ve gotten more familiar with the command line, I don’t even really need quick-start/shortcuts anymore.


I actually just put a desktop icon for most things I install. It’s nonsense really… I only used the 6 things on the taskbar.


I enjoy having the chintziest icons possible for a given program.


oh no.

(I do appreciate this though. I used to spend so much time customizing the icons and general user interface on my computers that it got a bit silly


I need to find a more “summer-y” wallpaper. But this is what I’m dealing with rn.


Off topic but you should really give OBS a try instead of Fraps if you haven’t yet, works a whole lot better IMO.

Great icon set btw!


Been my wallpaper for a while, I forgot where I found it but it works great for my dual monitor setup.


Hey, anyone know what that full screen music thingy on the original post is? It’s preeeetty good.

Anyway, I just have a Hiroshi Sugimoto photograph as my desktop. I was running a Manifold Garden wallpaper for a while, but I just recently had to reformat and didn’t put any work into redoing anything.


before I enlarged this I was like “what are you talking about? that’s not a photograph” but when I looked at it more closely I became insanely jealous of that photographer


A bit of a mess right now, but I have been working on a couple of different projects.