Share Your Desktop (Image Intensive)


It’s part of MusicBee. If you have the program installed, go to MusicBee (menu) > View > Theater Mode > Rdio Style. That will make it your default theater mode style too, I have mine set up so that just hitting F11 brings it up. :slight_smile:



I’m stuck at work currently, but I’m cleaning my desktop as soon as I get home now. This thread has me extra inspired.


by Simon Stålenhag


My desktop is pretty plain, so I don’t realllly feel like sharing it but I do have this to share:

It’s an archive of high rez, creative commons images that I use to find new wallpapers


had to hide all my icons recently because my desktop is cluttered up and I’m too lazy to organize. The center monitor has a looping video for the background using Wallpaper Engine.


I’ve been using this screenshot as my desktop for like 3 years now. Honestly I don’t see my desktop that much anyway but it’s a very nice fun environment to alt tab back into once in a while.


Been trying out various DE’s this year, right now really digging GNOME 3 although the first thing I did was go in and disable that hotspot corner. Icon set is Emerald

All three of my monitors are a different resolution so finding wallpaper that looks okay is kind of tricky.


Home computer desktop. I know it’s a mess. I’m really lazy about icon clutter.


Found a fix for taskbar width when it’s set vertically (being able to make it smaller). Pretty content to have it on the side now.


Dark Souls 3 had some really good environments imo


I don’t think that’s a matter of opinion, honestly.

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Exhibit C:


I didn’t wanna clean up my desktop, so I figured I’d just post the image. I really really liked VA-11 Hall-A.


Haha, I think I also took those exact same 3 screenshots in my game! :slight_smile:


I have my wallpapers on a rotation from a folder so it can end up being all sorts of things.

Sometimes the screens look like this:

Other times they look like this:

The taskbar is always a clutter of Chrome pages, regardless:

I very rarely take images out of the rotation, a lot of stuff scales weirdly on the second monitor because of the resolution but some day I’ll get decent, matching monitors and that won’t be an issue any more:

I only have Steam, Spotify, Chrome pinned to the taskbar. Discord launches when I log in anyway. I keep most other programs I use pinned in those Start menu squares you get on Win10, and then a few other bits that I use semi-frequently often go on my desktop along with the Recycle Bin.


I keep everything in my start menu so I can enjoy how good this Ghost in the Shell background is.


It actually looked way messier before, this thread inspired me to clean up a little. I don’t really mind a mess much as I don’t look at my desktop very often, but too much useless clutter does make it hard to see things when I’m looking for something.


A photo of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko taken by the Rosetta spacecraft, from the ESA library:

Some really cool high res stuff in there.


wow this is beautiful.


I need to organize my folders and start using a flashdrive but I hate excessive clutter so I’ll hide a lot into a folder. If there’s something I’m working on for the week (rn its job applications and youtube stff) I’ll keep those files just on the desktop. The taskbar is for stuff I want quick access to.

Wallpaper wise I like something more minimalist or off-center that way it’s not too busy. I find it calmer. I usually doing gaming stuff but I came across this and loved the color/Mia Wallace is one of my favs.