Share Your Desktop (Image Intensive)


Steven Universe is so A E S T H E T I C :heart:


My laptop is also my video editing/gaming/everything machine, so there’s a lot on the pinned taskbar stuff that’s open the second I turn it on :stuck_out_tongue:
Also I’m basically always happy to look at art from Angel’s Egg.


Gotta show some Star Wars love here


GITS’ background art still helps up incredibly well! <3


I have a couple dozen wallpapers on rotation, mostly Overwatch related, but this one is probably my favorite. (Artist)


desktop isn’t always empty, but at the moment it is. background cycles through a folder, the current one is a promo still of the dance scene from Hal Hartley’s Simple Men.


Mac from Paper Girls.



Can’t even remember where I picked this up, but love the whole sci-fi Britain vibe - been a solid desktop background for about a year now.


That’s an official promo shot of King’s Row in Overwatch: :slight_smile:


Sweeeeet! Thanks so much for that! Kinda goes without saying that I’ve never played Overwatch - probably about the only person in the world it seems sometimes. :grin::grin::grin:


I like how ordened my desktop is right now. Games on the middle left, ordened by game client, utility software on the right.


I’ve been using Desktop Earth for I don’t know - 10 years or so? Never gets old.

Desktop Earth is a wallpaper generator. It creates desktop backgrounds that are accurate representations of the Earth. The imagery is based on NASA’s Blue Marble Next and Earth’s City Lights.

Day and night is accurately represented depending on the Sun’s overhead position, which depends on the time of day and the day of the year.

Snow cover and foliage change with the seasons.

Spherical or flat (plate carrée) views

Real-time cloud imagery from satellite data

Includes OpenGL screen saver

33-megapixel (8192x4096) textures so it looks perfect even on 4K monitors


Damn that works well as a wallpaper. Good call.


Been sticking with the vertical taskbar, W7 Tweaker is great (glad it still works in 10).


I still like having the recycle bin but otherwise very minimal. Desktop art by the amazing @aurahack. I can never get enough of her futuristic skyline art.


the wallpaper changes on the hour


Can’t go wrong with a simple black background


keeping it sloppy. imascg fans please @ me


My wallpapers just rotate between the Persona 5 All Out Attack final screens. Also I don’t keep any icons on my desktop