Share Your Desktop (Image Intensive)


…this is a very new laptop


Don’t hold back on us, yo.


It’s always nice to find a wallpaper that’s dark on the right side, otherwise it gets hard to see things on the taskbar.


Please look at this mediocre photo of my beautiful cat.


multiple unity versions on desktop are the sign of a true game developer


Aesthetics are, indeed, very important


The desktop is the place I dump dumb files to. Those files are regularly degraded to the Recycle Bin, where they linger for a while longer.



this is my current. I’m never really satisfied with how I organize games so the whole thing is frequently rearranged, but I usually have chrome open revealing only the last row of icons so i get 2 taskbars worth of stuff accessible.

The image is an MtG card from the latest set


Yeah tell me about it, hahaha


Not at my PC right now but on my laptop I’m rocking the TwinBee logo because the TwinBee logo is dope as fuck


Clean and simple


My hard drive kicked the bucket recently, so I decided to get a whole new PC and start fresh. A google search and adding this image as my new desktop were literally the last two things I did before bed last night:


Just remembered this thread existed and I already posted my laptop background, so here’s my desktop PC’s! I have a rotation of about 15, but this shot from VA-11 Hall-A is whats up right now.

Also, gaze in horror upon my icon soup.

edit: retook the screenshot b/c there was a Steam name on there of someone who really wouldn’t appreciate it. Not that I don’t trust y’all! <3 Just out of courtesy. Also yes I pasted a prntscn into paint. paint is forever.


I’ve been on a rotation of I Am Setsuna walls, love the art in that game.


Never see it comiiiiiiiin~


I love my new phone wallpaper ^^
(art credits: Kristafer Anka)


Looks good! :slight_smile: I had just updated mine yesterday too:


I ended up turning a couple of the background elements off after this since it was a bit too busy, just kept the water and sky.


I use this currently:

But sometimes I might switch it over to this Nick and Griffin Let’s Go To Hell gem:

I’m using a new PC and might bring back my background cycling folder from the old one (I did port it over,) but for now I’m appreciating the simplicity/messiness of the two.


Shoutout to the Earth wallpaper in OP.

My desktop is usually pretty clean. Can never come up with nice images to use so I basically never change the art.