Share Your Desktop (Image Intensive)

Wish I could find a higher resolution of this picture, I like it anyway though.
Think I’ll change it at some point, but while I love cool art I love wolves more.

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This is my current desktop. The image was taken by me using Horizon: Zero Dawn’s photo mode.


Totally not waiting for a certain movie to come out…
also i have to organize my desktop…


Spruced things up a bit for September. Really like this picture of Majiko (まじ娘).

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wish my desktop had the same level of minimalism but I can’t get used to textless icons, good work

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Oh HELL yeah!

Thanks! I only switched to them a few months ago. Before that, I had long since preferred having the titles too. I hate having to select a window through the previews, it’s just too slow. I’ve started just using alt+tab and then the arrow keys, or alt+tab and clicking. It finally allowed me to use a vertical taskbar too, which has been nice for my setup.

Clean desktop with help from 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, Everything & Launchy. So, basically, hide everything and use keyboard, is my approach.

Wallpaper is from My Nintendo.


I’m not at my computer right now, but I can post my phone wallpaper:

Credit: Bob Eggleton

Found this glitched enemy in Horizon, so I decided to take advantage of it! I have two other backgrounds I made using the photo mode from that game.


So much going on…

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I use wallpaper engine, and it rotates between different moving space pics.

Quite possibly one of the least exciting desktops you’ll ever see, but I like this photo from the mac’s standard library. It’s quite soothing. And yes, I use my dock on the right side of the screen. I figure vertical screen space is at a premium compared to horizontal space so this is less intrusive to my app windows.

I like my computers to be simple and blue.

Screenshot from 2017-10-23 17-52-50

Gnome Shell 3.26 with Faience as the icon theme (Faience-Azur specifically) and extensions for a dynamic top bar, no dropdown arrows and no rounded corners. It’s Ubuntu 17.10 with the Ubuntu modifications taken out. The wallpaper is from Fedora 22:


Cycles between different cyberpunk wallpapers.


Removed icons to take the screenshot as there are some sensitive work-related things there, but it’s mainly game icons ^^

I’d love to find some sort of stacker program for the taskbar (à la MacOS) to sort my games rather than have them all sitting on the desktop, but haven’t been able to find anything so far.

Desktop background cycles between pictures I grab from dpreview’s sample galleries.

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Both my desktop and phone backgrounds have been KZR since finishing Act IV as a like a weird silent protest until Act V comes out

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I had a picture of Alatna River, but after so many times of seeing it it started unnerving me, especially when I plugged my laptop into my Ultrasharp display and I saw day after day the minute differences in color calibration between my laptop and the desktop display.

So I thought I’d be funny and retro and get the classic of all classics, and I must say the high resolution and the different crop keep Bliss fresh. That, and the fact it’s a rare case of a flawless photograph one can stare at for ages and never get annoyed by.

My friends called it lame when they saw it tho. :frowning:

I really like this picture

Thank God for Fences


I just love the game so I snapped a screeny, and now Senua keeps me company while I flounder my way through my projects.