Share your games writing/criticism!

I’m sure others here like to write about games, make podcasts, or otherwise contribute to the industry, if even in just a small way. Here’s your chance to share your work, site, youtube channel, etc!

I’ll kick it off - I run, write for, and edit We’re a group of late twenty-somethings that grew up together, moved apart, and now write about games together. We have a weekly podcast (that I’m still trying to figure out how to get on to RSS feeds, lmk if you have any advice.) I was heavily inspired by Danielle and Rob’s Idle Weekend when we first started out, then Waypoint when it launched.

No matter what, if you love to write and talk about games, never give up!

mods/Danika: Just let me know if this thread breaches any rules - still feeling out what’s OK!


I do monthly articles about games, gaming, and tech (up into the weeds of consumer rights and how we as devs can be ethical in our work) here. Sometimes it’s just a short game review, sometimes it’s a dive into some tiny detail.

Did you know No Man’s Sky shipped with the rendering operations in the wrong order on PC (fixed in the first patch)?

You’ve noticed indies making PR out of claims of piracy when they upload their own game (often a broken version) but have you considered how toxic that message is?


Cool! Writing looks really solid - keep it up!

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I wrote a piece on Emily is Away and why it affected my as much as it did. Haven’t reread it since then so I’m not sure how it holds up haha. Maybe someone will enjoy it.


Hey sure!

I don’t write much now, but I got up-published 11 times on Destructoid from the community there.

Love to get back to it (here even!) if I can carve out sometime again to write.

For sure man! We’re still growing at NCG, but if you ever want a place to even just publish some work, hit me up and we can chat!

I have only recently found the time/energy to start trying to write about games, but did a fair bit of music writing in the past.

me and my flatmate run a blog that’s more just for ourselves/friends than anything but if anyone wants to check it out/give tips etc that’d be great!

wrote this thing about game tutorials recently that I’m pretty happy with:

Just got a job that gives me weekends off so hoping to find the time to write more and improve.

my current struggle is knowing what i want to write about but not being able to maybe find an angle that is interesting?

Thanks for this thread! I just got back on the writing bandwagon after doing come community stuff at Destructoid, and some staff writing at RPGamer (It’s all terrible), and I’m a bit slow to get things rolling again, but I’d still like to share the one thing I did so far on the Persona series here.

I’m working on something on Battlegrounds right now, and trying to get into the habit of writing stuff regularly. Hoping to pitch some stuff around in the not-too-distant-future!

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I post my games writing on my site,

I’m currently writing multiple things and It’ll show up there.

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I work as an editor for a small site some friends and I run by the name of Entertainium. Most write reviews since that’s primarily what my role there is, but I’ve been trying to move toward criticism and the like.

It’s old, but I’m still really proud of this piece on Demon’s Souls I wrote some years back.

i’ve done a bit of writing for Paste Magazine, as well as some personal stuff. I really need to pitch more places (like Waypoint?? we’ll see)

The Three Modes of Male Sexuality in Videogames is probably my longest thing on Paste, which also landed me a spot talking about that same subject at Indiecade East in 2016, which was really fun (I met Austin there, super briefly)

I also wrote about how Cities: Skylines builds narratives of gentrification into its mechanics in a kind of clunky way, detrimental to a game I otherwise fell completely in love with.

For three months in 2016, Amr Al-Aaser & I ran a small website called Deorbital where we wrote & edited pieces about games from voices & viewpoints not commonly seen in games discourse. I’m proud of basically everything up there (my writing and other peoples’ pieces), but my fave thing that I wrote is probably The Desert and the Valley: Games As Refuge where I wrote about games creating places of calm & routine.

For a full rundown of my writing history, you can check my website. Most of my personal stuff ends up on Medium, but I’m kind of all over the place otherwise.


For folks that like the academic side of games criticism, here’s a link to my first and only peer-reviewed journal article, back in 2009:

The friends that game together: A folkloric expansion of textual poaching to genre farming for socialization in tabletop role-playing games

This is adapted from a chapter of my M.A. thesis at the University of Oregon. I have since left the academy, though I miss it now and again.


whoa, you went to the UO? I just graduated, and was pretty involved with some games academia projects during my time there.

1 Like All my clips are here, but the post I’m most well-known for lately is a big reported story on the feminist group in South Korea of lady gamers who love

As far as actual criticism, I wrote about how Diablo III failed Adria.


I used to write way more for [Women Write About Comics] ( specifically in regards to games and gender (also a bit about film and TV, too). I primarily tackled some reviews but a lot of my work consisted of personal experiences with a wide variety of games.

Specifically I talked about [my arachnophobia being triggered a lot in games] ( as well as [finding peace with Pokémon after confronting my own completionist attitude] ( and [just how terrible I am at games in general] ( I also wrote [a little love letter to Sleeping Dogs] ( based on my background and upbringing.

In terms of reviews and opinions, you can also find on WWAC my pieces on Kentucky Route Zero, Chroma Squad, and Desert Golfing.


This topic is very inspiring. I have a few ideas for topics that I’ve never cashed in on. They stretch really far back (I think I still have an outline of what I think “Limbo” represents that I’ve been sitting on.)

I get too caught up in being nervous about my opinions, and also extraneous stuff like what to call my platform and if I should buy a domain and stuff like that.

The only thing I’ve really plugged into a word processor were my thoughts on Starcraft 2 multiplayer being survival horror, and my experiences doing my placement matches 2-3 years after the games release due to “queue anxiety”. I may just touch that one up and try it again (I actually haven’t really played SC2 since I did that writing!)


This looks like a promising thread to check out some writing that’s gone under the radar! Looking forward to reading y’all’s work.

Anyhow I’m Amr, if you read this site you might know me from The Undeniable Beauty of Lo-Fi Gaming. If you read it, let me know what you thought! If you didn’t, oh jeez I’d love it if you would because that thing took half a year to get out the door and onto the site.

I’ve also written on all kinds of subjects, including Modern Warfare’s political legacy, the ties between my old Chicago neighborhood, Zelda, and Sonic R, and how we can learn what makes a satisfying parry from…tennis?

Anyhow most of my stuff lives either on Medium or Paste if you like that kind of stuff. hell, I even have another site called Clickbliss which is way more traditional game reviews and stuff. I’ve ended up with a lot of work, so i try not to go on too much.

also shoutout to @videodante above, whose work is also worth reading and who i enjoyed running Deorbital with.


My only advice is just go for it! We had the same hesitations too and one day just decided to jump and it’s growing really well for us. Honestly, the best way to get better as a writer is to just do it. A lot. The criticism will help you grow!

Oh man - that article was great! keep it going

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Man, I absolutely cannot stop referencing PUBG in my writing. It’s such an inspiring game that just sparks my imagination and relation to our most primal instincts.

It is clearly not the best game of the year so far, but it’s the most fun I’ve had playing video games this year.