Share your games writing/criticism!

I’m still writing about Gears of War so here’s The One Where I Talk About Gears of War 4:

I’m almost done with this series and I’m saving my hottest analysis for last. I have…feelings about Gears 5.

Wrote a small thing on a game I liked.

Wrote something about some of my favorite strategy games that I’ve been playing if anyone is looking for something to play!

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Here’s the finale to my series on Gears of War!

Gears 5 is such a disappointing thing that I had trouble expressing my feelings about it without completely ethering it. It’s a shame my little project had to end on a dour note but hey, it was fun while it lasted!

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More writing! I wrote about how Uncharted 4 is a lying game about lies. This was a fun one to write, I’m trying to inject more life into these critical odds and ends so hopefully that comes across:

Started writing a list of my 50 favorite games, part one is up!

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My friend Elmo and I used our new podcast to talk about a Chinese audio mystery game that’s very good and you should play it

Maybe I should go back to Judgment! I was recently going through the Gears campaigns for the first time, but I skipped Judgment and 4 based off what seemed like the critical consensus.

For me I’d rank them something like 2 >> 1 >= 5 >> 3.

I liked the atmosphere and the focused storytelling of Gears 1 though it did feel a bit basic; 2 was my favorite with its variety and bombast (though the emotional moments felt like reaches); I didn’t like 3 at all even though some people seemed to consider it the best: warzone mentality felt lost in the stream of things the game shouted at you (“shoot the pods!”/”Glowies!”/"Reavers!”), we got unmotivated objectives like “turn on the 3 machines” instead of the laser focus of the first two games, plus the setting felt indistinct.

5 I liked okay, more than you seemed to. Shooting felt great, some smart gameplay tweaks, bit too much of the mini-bosses, bit too much time in abandoned labs, open world parts felt designed more for coop play than single player. New (at least since 3) characters were decent, an over-reliance on cutscene storytelling. The first act was the best, 2nd had some decent atmosphere, and 3rd is where it started feeling repetitive.

It was interesting reading about some of the background of Judgment and 5.

Wrote a piece on my thoughts on Coffee Talk and the sort of games it falls into, those middle of the road experiences that just do enough right to stick with you a bit, despite the focus on formula and avoiding frills to get the project shipped.

Part two of my fave games list, posts will now include links to the other parts and will be updated over time.

Wrote a bit on Hypnospace Outlaw. Be warned, I spoil the ending.

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We did another podcast about Cherry Tree High Comedy Club but we also went on Alex Jones related tangents (like that time Elmo was DM’ed by his ex-wife)

I’ve had a weird and stressful day at work, but I did get to kick things off by gushing over Umurangi Generation on the news shift

more fave

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Two things!

New Dark & Elmo podcast over The Franz Kafka Videogame, which we played because we played it!

Also wrote a short article on my frustration with a game I really wanted to love, Murder by Numbers.

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I was chronicling my playthrough of Spider-Man over on the what-games-are-you-playing thread, but now that I’ve finished I decided to write a longer form piece about how that game looks at crime and prisons, and the gulf between the characters it cares about and the people it clearly doesn’t.

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Hey, this was great! I remember being dragged out of the game’s narrative myself when the Sabre Intl plot line was added into the main game towards the end. Seems a common theme in Marvel Entertainment media though doesn’t it?

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Definitely. I think it’s a natural theme for superhero media to fall into in general, or at least that writers need to do actual active work to prevent it from manifesting just due to the nature of these stories.

Enjoyed my type with Wintermoor Tactics Club, decide to take some time and try my hand a writing a review.

Wrote about how Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor made me crave worker liberation (moreso than I do already lmao). I really loved this game and this is a pretty quick read so if you’re even slightly interested please give it a read and PLAY IT ’

I wrote about how the visual novel that got a perfect score from Famitsu makes great use of photography and image editing to create a strong mood that makes it one of the most engrossing reads I’ve ever gone though.