Share your games writing/criticism!


Thank you!!! This piece went in a bunch of directions at first, and I’d kind of intended to just talk about how it twists and turns Appalachian folk tales into something simultaneously really familiar and really alien, but as I kept writing, I wrote the last paragraph and basically went back and rewrote everything else around it. I also wanted to have the article end in the middle of a thought, similar to how the game thinks of ideas and stories, and I’m not sure if it actually came across that way, but I’m okay with how it came out.

I think the opacity is what makes the game as rewarding as it is. The narrative is structured in such a way that you can tell that the game knows the answers to its questions, but instead of answering them for you, it’s trying to teach you that the answers don’t necessarily matter. You can slot in your own answers if you like, but not everything needs a punctuation mark. It’s really similar to Undertale in that regard, I think - sure, the game has the answers, but do you really want to know them even if it risks ruining the experience?

It’s just such a cool game and I want people to talk about it more, because it just does so many fascinating and unique things with the medium.


Interesting. I was looking for video games with elements of Southern Gothic tropes, and this one came up too :slight_smile: Hadn’t heard of the game yet but will put it on my watch list. Thanks!


I also wrote a thing on KRZ recently!!


I used the discussion of game engines recently to springboard into talking about art styles, technical constraints, and how different the new Life is Strange looks (screenshots from the first 5 minutes of the new game so less spoilers than if you watched a trailer).


I felt really strongly about the Square-Enix symphonic concert that I attended in Paris and especially the wonderful Chronos suite so I tried to put it into words. It was much harder than I expected but I’m glad I managed to open up about how I feel about games :blush:


i really enjoyed this! i like hearing about the technical stuff that goes into these. for the most part these engine differences have been something i’ve vaguely recognized with gut reactions, but hearing them quantified in clearer terms has been really enlightening.


Hi folks :sparkling_heart: I finished something last week I’m pretty proud of writing? I wanted to approach Absolver in a way I hadn’t seen done elsewhere, and use the opportunity to talk about something I don’t see discussed enough when it comes to real-world inspiration in fictional work!


This is really good and informed me on quite a few things I wasn’t entirely aware of! Thank you for sharing. Hopefully creators and consumers both can further realize a work of fiction’s world makes statements on the real world, implicit or not, and those messages are often harmful.


This is a really good piece! Lots of stuff I either didn’t know or knew very little about.

One tiny thing: Early on in the piece you have it written that Taekwondo is from Japan. My old Korean instructor would be furious! Lol


Thank you so much, I’ve updated the piece! :skull: I have no excuse for such a basic error, either - I used to study TKD! :flushed:


My games criticism: Sonic 2 is too hard and I hate it.

Listen, I never claimed I was a good critic.


Already at episode 3 of my video project :slight_smile: In this one I talk about Mafia III (spoiler free!)


This is my kinda criticism.


I wrote about how I got the best rating in the first mission of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.


I wrote about Final Fantasy VII for it’s NA anniversary, specifically about what made it so special.

be warned it’s very spoiler-y


Fullbright keeps getting closer and closer to something great but Tacoma leaves me wanting more.


Last week, I had started working on an essay that links video game communities, online hate speech, and the rise of the Alt-Right. I couldn’t connect everything, but then the PewDiePie thing happened. Here’s part 1:

This is part 1 of a 3-part series. The second part will cover how hate speech gets normalized in anonymous online communities. Part three will cover how this has led to the rise of fascists, neo-Nazis, and the “Alt-Right”. Each part comes out on a Wednesday, so it’ll take three weeks.

If anyone wants to give me feedback, please do. But I don’t want to derail this thread, so send me a DM or comment on my page. I plan on making a printed “pamphlet” version of this essay, so I don’t mind making revisions in order to make the printed version better.



hello, friends :sparkling_heart: I shared a new piece today about my experiences with mental illness and my use of video games as a coping mechanism


This is really beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for writing this!


Thank you for sharing, this piece is wonderful