Share your games writing/criticism!


Breath of the Wild: Zelda Meets Far Cry 2

Also, how are people getting the images to show up from their site with a little blurb on this thread.


wrote something about experiencing arcades vicariously and becoming possessed by its spirit


It depends on the website’s meta tags, but you should just be able to copy the URL and it’ll create a preview. You’re using the same WordPress theme as me, but it might help to use an SEO plugin (like Yoast SEO), or something, which creates more detailed meta tags.

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more stuff from me. on what exactly bullet hell is and how it’s influenced games like Undertale, Nier Automata, Enter the Gungeon and others:


I’m just gonna drop my thing about the Dishonored series, and Death of the Outsider specifically, right here.


This is really fantastic work! Thanks for sharing. I really loved the comparison between the different protagonists. The idea of class and desperation in that was extremely fascinating.


First time writing stuff about games… I got really lazy toward the end, I know, but the game is too dang long to talk about!


I’ve been working on a series about “hate speech in video games”. Nothing more profoundly describes this argument than Austin and Rob’s comments on Episode 95 of Waypoint Radio, so I do quote them in the piece. And I think it speaks to their point that Steve Bannon was involved in a Chinese gold farming operation ten years ago. As Rob said, “The internet didn’t just happen to break down that way. It was a cultivated space to desensitize people to those words, but then also introduce an implicit racism in a lot of online discourse.”


I just put up a piece on the new Dishonored DLC!! Spoilers for the whole thing!!!


So, a bit of preface: there’s a Sonic community event called “SAGE” which stands for the “Sonic Amateur Games Expo.” It’s basically sort of like E3 for Sonic fan games (and whatever else the community can put together that’s playable) and I kinda-sorta founded it back in 2000 (long story). I haven’t been involved in the event itself in like, 13 years, but it’s still going in my absence.

Anyway, now, the site I write for, we usually do review roundups of all the games at SAGE by me and our other reviews editor. Unfortunately, he’s off covering NYCC so it’s up to me to do the review roundup of all 40+ of this year’s games. (I actually kind of like it, it’s like running a marathon once a year, but it’s about reviewing tiny games, rapid-fire).

ANYWAY ANYWAY, here’s the first day’s review roundup, of seven fan games.

Rather than post in this topic six times in a row (one for each article, each day) I think I’ll just update the links in this post right here. I’m actually scheduling tomorrow’s post to go up as I type this right now.

Here’s Day 2:

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Last one: Day 6


I’m tired of people saying that they want “politics” out of their art or entertainment. Here’s an essay where I talk about the Voice Actors Strike and the ESA’s lobbying as good examples for how it’s impossible to keep politics out of video games.


I put up a piece about Dishonored’s approach to class and violence a few days ago (and somehow forgot to post it here).


So this isn’t games writing or criticism, but I’ve posted a few works of that description here in the past and figured I may as well post this here too. I wrote out a narrative thing a week or two ago to kind of crystallize this idea I’d been kicking around, partly inspired by Twilight Mirage (FATT) and Destiny 2’s “O Captain, My Captain” questline. It’s kind of my first time attempting anything like this, particularly something that plays out exclusively through dialogue, so go easy on me. I’m not completely sure if I’ll continue it, but it’s an experiment and because the stuff I’ve posted here in the past has gotten good responses, it seemed like a good idea to post this here too.

If you read through it, thanks for taking the time.


Somehow I just found this thread (or else just forgot about it totally!) and I really wanted to show this writing I did for my rhetoric class. This piece will feed into a bigger discourse analysis paper. This is an analysis of the way two articles talk about game design, one of which is by waypoint’s Danielle Riendeau. I’ll edit in a better link but right now here’s a google doc view link if anyone gets to this before I add a better one.


wrote something about how ARMS is the only fighting game playable by normal human beings.


ARMS is probably the most slept on game ever released. It really bums me out.

Keep writing about ARMS!


I wrote a lot of game stuff on my personal blog. This year, I started doing long form essays called Full Course, focusing on a game or game series. Currently working on one for the Hunie series, but I’m quite proud of my most recent one over the Syberia series. Went into a lot of tangents about colonialism in pulp, clockpunk, and environmentalism.

Also, I apologize to anyone who reads the one on the Shadowrun Returns trilogy. I, uh, kind of lost control of the structure and it ballooned into a mess of random thoughts.


Hi Folks :relaxed: Something I’m quite proud of - a 45 minute video-piece where I breakdown some of the Super Nintendo’s important games how they play into its platform for more sophisticated and interesting ideas coming out of the NES era. Used the SNES Mini as my game choices and capture device.

Would love to know what you guys think - where I can improve for future videos or what works for now.


I wrote something about the relationship between BJ and his Dad in Wolfenstein 2. I’m still not that great but this is the first thing that I wrote that I don’t 100% hate.


In my latest video I talk about Battlefield 1, Visceral and the future of single player games :slight_smile: