Share your games writing/criticism!


I just released a long piece (roughly 4500 words) on the Hunie games.

Yes, really. Lots of cultural context, historical importance, wow this is sexist/racist stuff in here.

Content warning at the top of the article, all images used are safe for work.


i enjoyed reading this, mostly because i’ve heard so many vague things about these games but never had any actual context for it. definitely found a lot of what’s in those games gross, which doesn’t surprise me, but it sounds like there could have been some otherwise interesting ideas they soured.

kind of hope someone just wholesale rips them off and approaches it from another direction, because that sounds like it’d make for a genuinely interesting game with the right tone.


Thanks! I like writing about stuff like this from time to time because I think even seemingly bad stuff deserves a proper chance. I think we can learn things from bad or problematic media we can’t from proper good stuff. It’s why I’m preparing to write a huge thing on the Deponia series and how it tries balancing mean spirited humor with an audience defying thematic core about coming to terms with the end of a relationship or time in our life.


yup! there’s plenty we can learn from games that miss the mark. they’re usually way more informative and interesting. ive definitely spent tons of time playing garbage like Medal of Honor Warfighter in my pursuit of curiosity.


Maybe this doesn’t count, but I think part of it does. I was interviewed by Cultured Vultures for a piece on the history of Sonic Fan Games in the wake of Sonic Mania

They only ended up using a couple quotes from me, but just now I got the okay to post the full interview on my personal blog. I gave some very longwinded answers.


Clockpunk. I’ve been trying to think of a good label for Syberia for a long time. It’s not cyberpunk, obviously. Gaslamp fantasy, like the comic Girl Genius, is closer to steampunk than what the Syberia series is. I once tried “grearpunk” because of the wind up gears that power everything. But that label is less for an engrossing series about an American’s journey through bizarro Eastern Europe and a better fit for a sci-fi thriller set in an industrial dystopia. Clockpunk is perfect.

Anyway, your retrospective on the series, the good and the bad, was really well done. Maybe one of a kind, too, as not many people write about that adventure/puzzle game trilogy.


It all started when I remember that a game called “Still Life” existed and was on Steam. I asked my editor at HG101 to let me write about it last year.

I now own the majority of the Microids adventure game catalog, and also Sinking Island (which is vastly underrated).

BTW don’t get the Dracula games on Steam, Microids put up bad mobile ports with a lot of content missing.


I’ve done a lot of sort of pseudo let’s play/commentary videos in the past weeks but I’ve returned to sports game criticism today, and I’m pretty happy with how this video turned out!


This is a short commission piece I did on RollerCoaster Tycoon recently, was kinda fun explaining how it innovated a genre by simplifying it and putting more focus on player expression over hard simulation.


That first RCT is like the definition of how to make a sandbox sim for everyone, and you did a great write-up on it!


I actually had to research a little on Transport Tycoon. Turns out that was really necessary to get an idea of what the framework around RCT was like.


I wrote a piece about Twitch doing nothing to help the most vulnerable. CW : Suicide, self-harm


I occasionally review games for as mall website known as Clickbliss! It’s a site specifically geared towards recommendations and reviews, no journalism, really just reviews!

Here’s probably the longest review to date - I do this in between classes as a hobby, as well as to practice my writing.

Throw some critiques at me; it was one of my first exposures to the Neptunia franchise, I’m sorry if I step on any toes!


Thank you for writing and sharing this.



No but really here’s my real and earnest take on learning to love Sonic the Hedgehog again and the value of sincerity:


Yo I really enjoyed this! your answers got into the nitty gritty of the fan community that I wish I had space for when I wrote my Sonic Mania story! these spaces are always so ethereal that it’s hard to get a history unless you were there yourself.

@friendshipguy yo whatup homie. I see you there.


@siegarettes oh shit fam it’s :fire:


So I wrote a thing about how Fortnite communicates it’s mechanics through it’s visuals


Been a hot minute since I hopped on these here forums but I figured the Waypoint crowd would be the sort receptive to a thing I wrote about how the gameplay loop of Bloodborne/save scumming in immersive sims is comparable to the coping strategies I use for dealing with my anxiety!


Hey ya’ll. I wrote this thing about Mirror’s Edge and how it it vastly different than other first person games, in subject matter, but also in how it presents the body the player inhabits.

I’m pretty proud of it and I’d love to hear what you think.