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Hey there, I started up a blog for video game writing finally. The first post is about the word “interactive” , passive and active consumption, and I also talk a bit about Bertolt Brecht and theatre.


I wrote/recorded a thing about Sonic Forces. it’s about as long as one of the stages:





i figured i might as well make a playlist since i intend to do a video a day for all my games of the year:

not all of these came out this year, or are necessarily the “best of the year” just stuff i liked and had thoughts on


Might as well share this podcast I did with a friend on SUDA 51’s The Silver Case. We go into a lot of detail, but no worries on spoilers. I used musical breaks to divide the cast into sections, and we give warning when we start into spoilers.


if you wondered what the creator of Sonic worked on after he left Sonic Team I’ve got a treat for you


This article was something that sat in a Firefox tab literally for weeks because I was busy moving and all this other stuff was going wrong

I finally just now set aside time to read this and it’s wonderful. I’ve had more than one friend tell me over the years that I’m one of the most earnest people they’ve ever met, and I’ve never really known whether that’s actually a good thing or a bad thing

But what your article does is draw some connective tissue as to why I’ve remained drawn to Sonic games basically throughout my entire life. Thanks for helping me realize something about myself.


people get animated and angry about Sonic, but most of the people I’ve interacted with who love the series and characters are really earnest people. it’s really encouraging.

this one kind of blew up in an unexpected way. I mostly wanted to get across what I loved about it and cut a lot of bad drafts full of “console wars” salt to focus on what I loved.

I got a lot of responses like yours and I’m glad I could make you and others feel something so strongly.


While I haven’t played any Sonic games reading your piece certainly sounds a lot like how I view and relate to my Kingdom Hearts fandom. A franchise that’s similarly gets derided from afar for its genuinely earnest or sincere tone. It seems like both franchises have reputations that are more important to the common conception of game players than what they actually are. I doin’t know if you have any experiences with it but if so, is that a comparison you think is apt or am I misreading you?


it’s funny you said that because after writing that I immediately started to sense I might have something in common with kingdom hearts fans


I write about games and films and such on my tumblr, Search #crit to find the writing and avoid the plethora of selfies… got a couple things I’m really proud of on there like my review of Ghost in the Shell 2017 and a analysis of transgender bodies in Warhammer 40k.


I write about games and other stuff on my website, I haven’t written in a while (school had me too busy), but I will publish a personal piece in the next few days, alongside some cool a graphic someone did for the website. I will try to get more in the habit in writing more for the my little website, but I’m really proud of it’s design and layout.

Also, feel free to give me feedback on anything. Thank you!


i finally got enough subscribers to get a custom youtube URL!

I’ve uploaded a lot more daily crit videos, but i also finished up this chill tour through Sonic Heroes’ very good Ocean Palace Zone:

come for the A E S T H E T I C S and stay for the lounge cover of the Sonic Heroes theme.


I was entirely too young to appreciate the lounge album when it first came out, but dang, it’s an amazing thing they let get made.


So I’m not 100% certain what I did here, but this is a video about the Mortal Kombat blood code for the Sega Genesis and the legacy of the first Mortal Kombat in general and a whole lot of other things


We (me and @strawberry) finally finished our sprawling dissection of Persona 5! If you’re interested in crimes, teens, teen crimes, finding your own justice and killing God, it’s available on our respective blogs; start here:


So I put something up new on my website! I’m quite proud of this piece about Horizon and it’s functionalist approach to symbols, which you can find here. I hope people enjoy read it. Tell me what you think. There’s also a great image from a talented illustrator, so please check it out.


I have this weird idea that PUBG is secretly a queer game because the world of PUBG is a metaphor for navigating potentially unsafe spaces I’ve been workshopping the idea would love some thoughts. For reference I identify as queer myself. There’s also a recording of me reading article if you prefer that.

PUBG as an Unintentionally Queer Game


I did a year end list for my favorite games I played this year. Not came out this year (though there’s some) but I got around to playing this year. Enjoy!