Share your games writing/criticism!


Just noticed this thread! I write features occasionally for Zelda Universe. This is the piece I’ve been happiest with over the last year.


well, i ended up finishing this video on the same day my other story came out, so here’s a little something on how our love of the classics can blind us to the rest of games history:


Alright, well, here’s me trying to cram in my opinions on how Celeste does simplicity well, and how Monster Hunter World does complexity well into a sub-1800 word piece. In the middle there I also talk about Homi Bhabha.

Did you ever think - what if I apply Homi Bhabha’s work to a videogame? Well, I tried. It’s not perfect but hey.

If you do have a look at it, I would love to know your thoughts.


i have made a video about my thoughts on the Shadow of the Colossus remake and art history stuff


That’s excellent. I wasn’t 100% on board with the premise at the beginning but the point about being a tourist completely won me over.


Found myself nodding in agreement when you were talking about the unfortunate smoothing out of the stuttering framerate in the remaster. Cool to think about how much some unintentional “flaws” end up playing into a game’s mood, and it’s sad that these are ultimately lost in the remake. I’m thinking about how the fuzzy close-ups in Nier really added to its offbeat vibe.

By the way, just to clarify even though I can guess what you’ll answer, would you recommend the PS3 remaster over the PS2 version?


Thanks for all these links, peeps! I am one of those who are regularly bemoaning the lack of good games coverage so this thread is putting paid to that notion I have.


Wow, what a great read. Thank you for that. Your website looks very interesting, and the articles look very thoughtful and intelligent.


Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!


the ps3 version loses a bit of the character of the original and the HD can be slightly harsh on some of the models but it’s generally fine.

My honest answer is play whatever is most available to you, even if that’s the remake. it’ll just be easier to appreciate the original if you play the ps2 or ps3 version first.


Thanks. Fortunately I do own the PS2 version, just haven’t gotten around to playing it.


here’s a video on a beautiful ps1 style game from one of the people who brought you Even the Ocean and Anodyne


Hey, I wrote a bit about horror video games tending to be kind of shit:


I made a Giant Bomb blog about why I stopped playing Shadow of War and why the expansion brought me back. I don’t really write much especially since I graduated college two years ago so it’s not super great but I want to get better at writing just as something I do for fun. So criticism is rad.


Its been a dream of mine to talk and write about games for a living. Lately, I’ve been working more on my writing and wrote a long essay about why Assassin’s Creed Origins is my 2017 game of the year. I’d love to hear what you guys think and if you have any feedback or constructive criticism. Thanks friends!


@Lilly Ah, yes, another proponent of dark background against a bright font, thank you! One day we will prevail! (Nice piece!)

@SugaKiwi I left you a comment on the site :slight_smile:

@NoahGG I love ACO, was in my top 3 last year! Good stuff, I would perhaps suggest breaking your writing up into more paragraphs, it could be a bit difficult to read!


This is great, thanks for sharing.


i wrote this thing yup


Hey i recently made a Tumblr just for writing things. I only have two posts and just one of them is about games (some quick thoughts on /first impression of Monster Hunter World) and the other one is about the most recent volumes of the comic Saga.

So i haven’t really gotten started yet but i would really like to get into writing more and maybe having more of a dialoge with people (creating texts that are counter points to someone else’s text about a game and so on) since im not super proud of my work yet but i guess it’s best to try and get an audience as soon as possible?


Wrote a thing about why I think Celeste is an interesting failure, and why I wish I could give it less of a back-handed compliment: