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My second video for is about Crossing Souls and the role of the eighties as a set-dressing


Hi guys. I was waiting to review a few more titles.

This is new review for the weirdest game I’ve ever played.

0°N 0°W (Zero North Zero West)


Already checked out a few of the posts in this thread and y’all are writing really fantastic stuff! I’ve just gotten back into writing something about games once a month and I just posted something about Metal Gear Survive. I guess here it is? How do you plug your work?



Attempt to raise interest in forums and social media, fail miserably, drink heavily. Rinse and repeat.

Good post, by the way. I really love when people find the interest or message that you can glean from what is, by all accounts, a very mediocre game. Made for a fun read.


Cheers! Honestly getting to write about Survive was much more enjoyable than playing it. I’m currently making my way through all the main Metal Gear games and if you’ve ever done that in a compressed timeframe you know you just want to talk about Metal Gear.


Did another video, this time on how the puzzle game LYNE uses minimalist design.


Hey, this is really great!

“If MGSV simulated the experience of being a member of the executive class who would steadily become overwhelmed by personal commitments and younger candidates for the same job, Survive simulates the experience of the worker who is eventually promoted to front-line manager with a minimal raise and twice the responsibility.”



Thanks! Good to know my read wasn’t a complete swing and miss!


Your description of Kingdoms and Castles has made me give it a serious look. I Literally read it and said out loud “That sounds sooooo nice!”.


This is a great mashup of impressive gameplay and the undeniable goofiness of esports. I hope that nice young green man finds The One.


Ahhh mate thankyou so much. Let me know what you thought of it

Theres also recently been a new update that has bigger maps, islands and the ability to create new settlements on islands and linking them with docks and trade ships


Since The Division 2 just got announced, I’ll link a thing I wrote about buying The Division recently and playing alone.

Feedback would be neat.


Cool! I like that this is short and sweet. I have a tendency to go ham on the word count and I know it takes skill to not do that when you’re writing about something you enjoy.

I’ve been eyeing Division for a long time now as well… What you say about the environmental design/story telling is making me seriously consider getting it next time it’s on sale. Putting it on the wishlist.


Did another episode of my podcast with some friends over This Is The Police, a 2016 game about the inherent corruption in our modern systems of government and order. This was a really fun one to get into, even if the game was incredibly depressing. I put time codes in the description (first part is what we’ve been playing lately, second is the main discussion, and third is spoiler talk and wrap-up).

TW: Discussion of sexual assault, racism, drug addiction, some gore talk during a short Danganronpa section in the first third


Thanks. I have been trying to limit my word count so I can keep trying different things. I found myself languishing on one piece for a long time when I thought it needed to be longer. I started forcing myself to ask if I had said everything I wanted to say. If the answer was yes then I moved on to editing.


When Into the Breach came out I saw some people saying that it was more like a puzzle game than a strategy game, and they seemed to be using the word “puzzle” pejoratively. I wanted to write about that, and I think it ended up as more defensive than I would like, but here it is:


I totally get this. I haven’t played Into The Breach yet, but I definitely saw/heard people using “puzzle” as a way to dismiss games. There is a way to use this as a short-hand, by pointing out that there “solutions” to situations, and then move on from there, but there are definitely people who use that as a dismissive tactic.


Good piece.

A lot of that reasoning is strange. It’s like they’ve never played Advanced Wars or Final Fantasy Tactics.


Really good piece, i’ve seen people criticising ITB for the same reason but the ‘puzzle’ aspect is one thing I really love, It allows you to walk away from the game, make a cuppa and come back with a clearer head.

Also it reminds me to finish of my piece I started on ITB


Somebody asked me about my huge game backlog and it turned in to a post about how nobody’s panicking enough about the devaluation of games.