Share your games writing/criticism!


Thank you so much!!!

And oh my god how did I not see that about the import of Christianity and bringing its destructive aspects to the continent I’m kicking myself hahaha That’s such a great point.


I took another shot at this but aimed more towards other devs:


I released a new video as part of my series The Writing Game. Which is a show about writing, storytelling and narrative design in video games. This episode is about choices and consequences:


I really appreciate this approach, as someone who comes at games mostly from a media crit angle, it is always enlightening to read about technical aspects, especially when done with such authority, cool!


I started a new blog series looking at cheap indie games, and my first installment is over a cool South Korean Earthbound like!


Really good read. Speculative work is a fantastic instrument for thought, empathy, and change – and I have been incredibly grateful for artists like Monae, Jemisin, and Waypoint’s own Austin Walker who can use the language and tools of science fiction to help me understand a little bit of their experience and can create visions of ways forward.

I’m grateful to these voices, because I rage against many of the problems these works address and feel unqualified to address them. I think about how I would feel if a neurotypical writer decided to have a main character who suffered from depression and ADHD without bringing on a co-author who had these traits.

One day I would love to lend my voice and thoughts to this really interesting conversation – but I just don’t have the context, and won’t without either partners with the lived experience of racial oppression or by living in a world so steeped in the acceptance of that experience that it no longer needs my signal boosting.


I put some thoughts to paper on Sea of Thieves. Hopefully its interesting

Any feedback and criticism is much appreciated


I wrote a bit about valves card trading ideas for artifact and how theyre kind of half baked


Hey, all. I’m new to these forums but I wanted to share something I wrote. This may become a regular series where I try to explore the influences of occult ideas in games or, in my first article’s case, look at a game through an occult lens. The first one deals with the Kabbalah and Monster Hunter’s Elder Dragons. Slight spoilers for Monster Hunter World, as a warning. This is my first try at games writing/criticism so we’ll see how it goes in the future.

Any feedback and criticism is greatly, greatly appreciated! :skull:


It took me a while due to being busy with work/life but I have finally published a way-too-long piece on the lessons that could be learned from the history of unionisation in the games industry.

Surprise! Almost nothing because in the US, unsurprisingly, there is no history of unionisation in the games industry, so I had to look elsewhere. I think the main point is that long term success must include an understanding of the growing international nature of the industry. I really hope this conversation continues - there was a lot of talk around this last week but already this week there is much less discussion of these issues.


Hey I wrote some thoughts on We Know the Devil and how that game deals with Self Hatred


A new IndieCent went up, this time over a game you all have probably played recently: Into the Breach! Check the description for the timecode to the main discussion. Also, woo, an episode that’s actually reasonably long for a change!


There was a resolute girl named Celeste
Climbed a mountain 'till she wasn’t depressed
Counts times that you’ve died
To show how hard you’ve tried
A meditative reflection with strawberries for the obsessed


Maybe this doesn’t go here, but I started a Watch_Dogs 2 photo diary, using just the in game camera (there is still writing in the diary though). I’m also going to add more in the next couple of days when I get a minute.


That’s a really cool idea!

I just started playing Watch Dogs 2 and I also find it simultaneously overstimulating and boring. The most engaging moments for me have been just traveling around the world, ignoring the incessant objective indicators, and observing random (or are they?) occurrences in the clockwork city they’ve built.

If I had more time, I’d piggyback on your idea and be a “photojournalist” documenting seemingly significant things that happen on the periphery.


I always thought of myself as a “PC guy”, not in an elitist way, but just because that has always been my primary mode of interaction with games. Recently realising that my experiences with consoles are a bit broader than I generally thought, I decided to construct a microhistory of these experiences, in the process realising that they were crucial to how I interpret games, and that microhistory is a viable way of engaging with systemic issues.


This is a really neat conceit, I’m definitely “borrowing” it at some point in the future :stuck_out_tongue:


I did another Full Course that ended up being 12300+ words long about the first two KOTOR games. It still not up publicly yet because I normally wait two weeks for that while backers get it early, but I’m proud of what I did with the PDF so I’m just gonna toss out a link to that here!

Feel free to share it around if you liked it!

Also, spoiler warning for both games (I kinda spoil the first one’s big twist at the start of its section lol).


Nice one mate. I was in the same boat and I highly suggest turning off HUD elements, it opens up so much more of the game, in the way you see so much more of the world. I think the tiny little side events happen randomly, but often many revolve around the actions you take either directly or indirectly. For example, Ileft my car in the middle of the road, it caused a traffic jam and a minor collision between two ai. They then had a little scrap in the middle of the road and the pedestrian who won the fight drove off in the other persons car. It really felt like it was my fault.

But even if you dont document and put them anywhere, its always cool to document it in game.

@Seva Thanks laa, its a decent bit of fun like. Looking forward to reading your piece also


A demo for the sequel to Spark the Electric Jester is out now. It’s a fully 3D platformer that tries to take on how to do Sonic gameplay in 3D while also somehow trying to be a Platinum-style character action game.

I recorded a video and did a write-up of what I thought over on my blog.