Share your games writing/criticism!


Man, I absolutely cannot stop referencing PUBG in my writing. It’s such an inspiring game that just sparks my imagination and relation to our most primal instincts.

It is clearly not the best game of the year so far, but it’s the most fun I’ve had playing video games this year.


I feel like I’ve only just recently started to get stable footing in my writing even though I decided all the way back in like, 2002 to start writing game reviews.

Most of the “important” things I’ve written over the years are kind of bad, looking back. Like this story from six years ago I wrote, detailing a former Sega UK employee commenting on the apparent strife between Sonic Team and Sega of Japan. I was so excited to have a scoop of that size that I fall all over myself wording it properly.

By comparison, my Zelda review is something I’m pretty happy with. But then, I also feel most comfortable with reviews.

I have my own site for game writing, (Better Late Than Never), but it will sit for months without being updated because I actually get paid to write for TSSZ (see previous links), and usually when I get something “important” to talk about, I try and turn it in to a video instead of leaving it text, because, again, I seem to make more money from turning it in to a video.


I feel the same way. A lot of the discussion around Nier: Automata has had me thinking about narrative techniques in German literature (namely Brecht and his love of the Verfremdungseffekt) and the parallels i’ve seen in Nier. right now it’s just an idea bouncing around in my head, hopefully some day i’ll put it to paper and hash it out.


I run a site where I also feature cool videos and some other things from a few friends, GamingDetritus.

I’m also a contributing editor for Hardcore Gaming 101. My work also shows up in many of the books we put out on the site also (those that are physically available ones can be found here found here). I’ve been apart of that site for over ten years, so if you see anything on that that’s truly awful, it’s because I was a young idiot instead of an older infinitely wiser idiot. :smiley:

These are some things I wrote that I like a lot:


I run, an esports news and entertainment site. It’s still quite small (est Dec. 2015) and I am always looking for new content!

I’d love some feedback from you guys about the site and what you’d like to see (esports and general gaming suggestions are encouraged).


read some of your site, really enjoying the aesthetics of it as well as the stories. particularly the ones on Persona, Wildlands and Nier Automata. I also saw that you’re also in Chicago! i’m actually living around there as well, and run Clickbliss with some friends from Chicago as well.


Got all of my professionally published works here, and of that, particularly proud of the preview I did for the upcoming DUSK a while back.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read!

Also, glad to see more fellow Midwest games writers! It might sound like a silly distinction, but it’s really important to me to represent the middle of America (even though the vibe of Chicago-proper is certainly not “middle-of-america”.)

Next time you’re in the city give me a shout!


While my knowledge of esports is woefully inadequate, I will say your site looks really clean and has a similar vibe to a “sports-sports” website. I think that definitely lends it an air of legitimacy. Also your logo is on point, again, mirroring the logotype and wordmark of a sports team/site.


Thanks for the feedback! The site recently got a bit of a facelift, so
that kind of feedback is definitely what I needed to read.


Very cool, videodante! I did an interdisciplinary M.A. in Folklore Studies. I was really off on my own in the program, so I hope you had solid support doing games scholarship while you were there. It’s nice to have a community of research (my faculty advisors were very supportive, but they were not games folks).


Oh heck yeah. Love reading great games crit and coming across a new byline. Can’t wait to read some of these.


Same - this is a really, really nifty thread!


I have had constant conversation with women of my life who are invested in the FCC about how while its very much the most diverse and welcoming esport scene I’ve seen personally there is still always work that could be done. So sites like this are doing that good work will totally keep an eye :thumbsup:


I wrote this academic paper for a Post-Modernism Art History class. Don’t like it so much nowadays but it was the beginning of my current trajectory out of the Fine Arts sphere and into Gaming culture!


Really enjoyed reading the pieces out there. Especially the Modern Warfare one!

I’m currently pushing myself to write in english more. I wrote about how FF7 Remake will have to cut through its legacy and grasp the importance of humor highlighting its darker themes. Symphony of the Night opened my eyes on the importance of a social component to create meaning in a non-linear world. Also how FF15 deviated from the usual exposure of class in the series and the ability to connect to the hero’s quest (also low-key praising FF12).

I did buy Back in 1995 for this exact reason. The game had the feel but unfortunately not the ambition. Nevertheless, it was a brave attempt by a single man to come back to an era that is being ignored. There is this realm of imagination that hasn’t been tapped, one a là LSD Dream Emulator. You mentioned that Shadow of the Colossus HD held up, I’d say every HD remaster creates a loss of visual fidelity by definition. For example SotC’s clever ploy to create different layers of texture streaming to highlight depth and size is made painfully apparent in HD. The magic trick has been revealed and ultimately undermines the graphical prowess by making itself visible. I don’t think it’s something that could be rid of, ever. Not especially related but outside of visual, one could even argue the numerous framerate drops the original version suffered is actually an essential part of the experience and is ultimately lost to the player in the HD rendition. It’s something I’ve felt, though I don’t think I would ever argue about it with someone lol. Very good article.


I wrote a few pieces recently, one on Morrowind’s continued relevance to my gaming life:

And one on VA-11 Hall-A here:


I work as the comics department editor for a feminist geek publication called Fangirl the Magazine. We write about video games, comic books, entertainment and fan fiction, and it’s a lot of fun. We’ve been up for a little over a year now.


I started up writing again recently on this blog, likely to update in random bursts of activity because thats sort of just how I operate.

So far what I’ve got up is mostly socio-political analysis of a couple of games that I love with a slant towards mental health, feminist and queer topics likely to just come out naturally from my own interests (also likely to have a bunch of goofier stuff on there later but we’ll see what happens).

The piece I’m probably most proud of so far is this one about bloodborne and structural “scientific” racism and its foundations in real world history linking to the modern day.

I’m hoping to stay relatively regular with updates and having more people check it out is always exciting so yeah!!


I wrote a few things in between studies!

Firstly a piece I feel super proud of that went up over at Kill Screen about a year ago which is on Temporality in games and how it relates to the same subject in Modernism - god bless Kill Screen and all who sailed in her.

Then I wrote about Monster Hunter Generations, for Vice, and then my first piece for Waypoint was about fairly well known Indie Game Maker, The Catamites! I plan to try and write more but pitching is really, really tough in my opinion, and until recently I’ve been full steam ahead with University which has left little to no time for it.

Finally I also share a youtube channel with my pals, and although I really struggle to find the time for this these days, I think I did a good video on MGSV a while back, as well as videos on Duskers and Oxenfree. My caveat for the channel would be that my pals do some weird stuff on there with their very Scottish humour humour, but we shared a lot of equipment back when we started.

I am really looking forward to getting into all of the stuff that has been posted above, especially @siegarettes post on Lo-Fi gaming because I think it will be interesting after my Catamites piece!

Whew, that was quite long - apologies!